#129 Time is a funny thing…

Yesterday, I was giving a friend a ride back to Coburg. The funny thing about this? Back in 2015, we were both doing the same apprenticeship and therefore had to drive to school to Lichtenfels, which is just 20 km away from Coburg. It felt so surreal because it seemed like it was only yesterday, when we were driving to school together.

https://ep01.epimg.net/elpais/imagenes/2018/10/22/ciencia/1540208830_955987_1540210198_noticia_normal.jpg 05.11.2019 08:03

Time is a funny thing, right? Our lives, they just move on. The years fly by. Ones we were just little kids, running around in the fields and playing all day long. Now, we have grown up. We are adults. Or at least older. We moved on. We got other jobs, changed career paths, founded a family, or a business, or at least developed new hobbies and interests. Our friends have changed. Some are still there, maybe even from the early beginning of kindergarten, but others came way later into our lives. But even you have changed over time. Ones interested in parties and dancing, you maybe enjoy the slower and more relaxing lifestyle these days. Ones the last man standing at the party, now the first one that feels tired at 11 pm. Ones always outside on the soccer field, now a couch potato.

Imagine an old building. An antique castle or temple, what ever comes to your mind first. This building is standing there for ages, right? Maybe being built in the early 17th or the 18th or even thousand of years before. Time has changed, but this building? Not really, right? In Würzburg there is the Residenz. You can see this building in the image below. Since its completion in 1744, it stands there at its very spot, all day long, day and night. Going back into my own family history, how many generations could have seen this building already? Its hard to say, but I guess a lot. If I imagine, that one day back in 17th something an ancestor of mine could have stood at that very same spot where I can stand today. We were both somehow connected, but would live in totally different times. For that building, it must be the strangest thing. Can you believe it? Traveling in time through the last 270 years, this building has seen a lot. From happy young couples over Chinese bus tourists. It also has seen a lot of wars, crisis and really hard winter. For this building, time is a really funny thing.

https://www.varta-guide.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Residenz-Würzburg_Ostfassade-mit-Ostgarten_Foto-Veronika-Freudling_DI007206.jpg 05.11.19 08:01

Considering an average age of like 85 years, even I will see a lot of changes over time. Back in my youth, when a cellphone was something rather odd you could call someone with, life was as good and as bad as it is today. If you go back 15 years or 270 years, or even 2000 years. Still, the problems stay the same. People are looking for a reason for this thing called life. They found a family, build a home and do what they think is right.

In twenty years, I will be 44 years old. What do you think how will my life look like? Would I want to go to the very moment I am currently in and change something? Or would I live the same 20 years again? Would I wish to be back at the age of 24? Or do I even live in 20 years?

Time is a funny thing. In the end, we are just a small little grain of sand in the wind. Traveling through time in lightning speed. Do you see a reason in this life? And I don’t mean your personal life. I mean life in general. Why are we here? What is our (we all) mission? Do we have our lives in our own hands? Or are we getting controlled? Check out this post, if you are interested in thoughts like that. #57 The game called life

This story goes way beyond the thing I originally wanted to talk about 30 minutes ago. But time is a funny thing. Ideas are changing, situations are changing. Everything is changing. Everything besides that building in Würzburg. It still stands there and it will stand there far longer then I will be here on this earth. You come with nothing in this world, you leave with nothing. What matters is the life between these two events in your life, right? Mark Twain says:

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

If there is nothing you need to do here in this life, why don’t you do what ever you want to do? Why can they hold you down, keep you small and unimportant. This is your fucking life. Not theirs. Do what ever you want to do. Because the day will come, when it is too late for that.

Time is a funny thing. It is all and nothing. It makes you feel good, because you see your chances over time, but it also makes you feel bad, because you do not know how much time you have left.

If your time would be over tomorrow, would you still do the same, as you have done today? Or would you change something?

Yes, people always say this. Even famous people we all know.

Live each day as if it were your last. Learn as if you would live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

But do we take it seriously? Do we really think about this? No, not really. Of course, if your life sucks at the moment, or you are feeling bad, then you let some thoughts like this enter your mind. But on a normal day, you are just doing what you do, right? Earning money to pay for everything. That is the correct way, right? That is how it is supposed to be, right?

Time is a funny thing. Without it, or with it, it still feels strange.

What ever you do with your life, please do me one favor! Don’t waste it! Your life is too valuable as to throw it away. Use your time, and try to at least think about what you would change if you knew the day you are going to leave.

If your time has not yet come, feel free to follow my journey, if your game is over, see you on the other side.

See you next time!


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