#128 20 minutes writing challenge #7 – Monkey mind

Another time, another song. Today it’s brass monkey 🐵

Brass Monkey from Beastie Boys

Monkey mind

https://soulanalyse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/monkey-mind1.jpg 04.11.2019 09:27

Most of the time my brain feels a little bit like that song. Loud, fast, and provocative. That monkey in my head, definitely not under control. There is so much stuff I need to do! I can not rest!

Do you know the feeling, when it seems like your life is just a sequence of tasks that are waiting for you to get done? When was the last time you experienced a real moment where you felt like being in the present? Living in the moment, that’s how they call it, right?

Yeah for sure, that’s easier said then done. For the last 24 years, I am always looking forward to tasks and things I need to do. Finishing school, getting my driver license, getting my bachelor degree, and so on and so on.

Do I live in the moment? Not really! I am still looking forward to so many things. My next car, my next girlfriend, starting racing, my first 24h race.

https://media.makeameme.org/created/wait-a-minute-5bb248.jpg 04.11.2019 9:25

Hey, this little kid is right! Who am I?

To others, I am the person that I always was, right? Some people haven’t spoken to me for ages. For them, I am still the person I was in the past. They have no clue about my current lifestyle, no clue about my passion for racing, or even that blog thing I am currently doing. Interesting.

I have realized, that I can not really relax and live in the moment. For me, everything feels like a task that needs to be done. A step that needs to be taken in order to proceed. Of course, that is life. But I guess the way I am doing this right now isn’t the best thing you can do.

What would I change if I could? And of course I can change everything in my life.

I would stop that monkey mind. I really don’t care about you, but why are you always on my mind? Every step I take, you are always there. I think about you! What you would think about me!? What you would say!

Does that song make you aggressive as well? I guess you are not listen to it for 20 minutes in a loop. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I need to calm the fuck down. My current life, just brilliant. Of course it could be better, but it could also be a lot worse. “Stop that complaining, idiot!” Your life is awesome. Don’t you remember, you love the process. Ok, that is true. But with an actual race car, life would be much much cooler. Yeah, but first you need to get your master degree. After that, feel free to get your car. Mum, are you talking through my mind? Get out!! I want, I want, I want!

What is going on in my head? This is ridiculous. Thats called a monkey mind, right? Oh god, when are the 20 minutes over? This session feels like the longest I ever had. Thank god, only three and a half minutes.

Looking at the past four days there was literally nothing that I have done and didn’t wanted to do. Can you believe it? Thats called an awesome life. Today, university starts again. Well, everything ends. But an ending is a start at the same time. Ok, where did that came from? I’m not trying to be philosophical here. Sorry for that.

Still one minute left. What is going on. Longest 20 minutes challenge ever! I’m not kidding. I should choose my songs more wisely.

But hey! If you have a song that I should definitely make a 20 minutes challenge with, just let me know! I will do all! I promise!

Thank god, my alarm is ringing.

See you next time!

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