#277 Stay at home – *Topic Week 8* – Day 2 – The difference between what we want to do and what we actually do

As already mentioned in yesterdays post, the current situation can also have a very grounding effect on our personal lives.

Instead of going through our daily routine like we are used to do for the last couple of years or sometimes even decades, our world seems to come to a hold these days. The most common things in life seem to get pretty special and exciting. Meeting with friends, going into the city or just driving around where ever we want to go.

When the routine gets disturbed, the mind needs to take action.

Are you used to having a lot of free time? Are you used to staying at home all day long, every time? Being in that one particular room for hours? This can be quite difficult, believe me.

Time is a funny thing, right? We all know that it is running in a kind of the same pace all day long, but nevertheless it sometimes feels like running as fast as the speed of light and in the very next moment can slow down dramatically, letting us experience the full boredom of the situation at hand.

If you have already started to think about your current situation at home, there might have come up a ton of things you actually could use your time with. Maybe working in the garden, maybe learning that language you always wanted to learn, finishing your project in the garage or simply take a good book and forget about the crisis for a couple of minutes.

Well, if we are really honest with ourself, indeed, that is what we want to do and actually having the time for doing right now. But still, we end up doing only half of it, or not even that. Our time seems to run away. One day blurs itself into the other perfectly. Hours go by, days go by, even weeks can pass in lightning speed. There is no real difference between the days, nothing that sticks out or make the moment worth remembering.

What? It is already the middle of the week? Time flies these days!

But why is there even a gap between what we want to do and actually do in the end? Sure, sometimes we are just overdoing it. Forcing us into projects that we either do not want to do after all or simply do not have the time for, but it seems like that can’t be the answer this time in life, right? We should have more than enough time for the projects at hand.

The thing we are missing out on might not be very obvious at first sight, but makes sense after considering it for a short moment of time.

We do not have a routine!

Having mentioned this important key to success thousands of times in my blog already, this can sometimes be the only difference between having success in the end or failing miserably. If you get up in the morning whenever you wake up and start doing one thing after the other just as you decide on doing right on the spot, you will most likely end up doing nothing very productive. Your instincts will not help you this time in life, the distractions are simply too attractive to say no to them.

You start thinking about doing something, but then decide otherwise, or move it to the afternoon activities or simply ignore the ideas all together and rather relax a little bit more in front of the TV, or spend your time with eating or talking to the neighbors.

Without a routine, it seems like we are lost in the moment, following our instincts instead of our common sense. We tent to fall back into old patterns, literally wasting our time with unimportant things but can’t do anything against it.

Do we like that kind of experience? No, of course not!

We start wondering what might be wrong with us. Why can others be so productive when it seems like we are sitting around all day long, feeling exhausted from doing nothing but do not find the motivation to change that.

But that is just how it is, right? Or can we actually change that? Can we change our lives?

In tomorrows post we will talk about the problems we all have.

See you next time!

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