#276 Stay at home – *Topic Week 8* – Day 1 – Introduction

We all know what the “STAY AT HOME” slogan stands for in the current corona crisis, am I correct? It is either used as an inspirational tool for giving you a lot of ideas about what you could do at home these days while waiting until this situation is over, or of course as the usual “look at me, I am the greatest” kind of attitude where people basically just show off with what they have.

Well, as I figured out recently, my current lifestyle for the last three years is actually called “QUARANTINE”.

Therefore, as being a kind of a pioneer in that special field, I should definitely use the moment and focus on the “STAY AT HOME” situation in this topic week.

First of all we should of course focus our thoughts on the people that are going through very tough times these days and send them all the positive energy we have. While some people might complain about the current situation and try to express their opinion openly, we should always take a step back and look at the whole picture. Sure, your life might be difficult and different these days, but at least you are not fighting for your life.

The official campaign from the federal ministry of health here in Germany. “Wir bleiben zuhause” can be translated into “we are staying at home“.

In order to find a healthy way through this topic week, I will create a little agenda that will lead us from one day to the other.

Day 1: Introduction
Day 2: The difference between what we want to do and what we actually do
Day 3: The problems we all have
Day 4: Strategies for a better investment of our time
Day 5: How to do the STAY AT HOME properly

What the COVID-19 or corona virus is in general, should be clear to all of us already, right? Right! Or do you life in that part of your country, where the internet connection is still that rare thing to occur?

In case you are watching TV, as normal people usually do, you will definitely know what this is all about. Well, if you would know me personally, you already know that I have stopped following the news three years back in time. But what can I say, due to the current situation, it seems like I have fallen back into that kind of a pattern again, where I literally waste a bunch of hours in front of the TV, listening to people talking about the virus without actually knowing a lot about it. Well, sounds a lot like school to me, but today is not the right time to attack our highly awarded school system, correct? Correct!

In theory, we should all have more time these days then we would usually have. Sure, if you are still allowed to go to work or still have work, you might do not experience the full “STAY AT HOME” kind of lifestyle and sometimes even question the point of doing it altogether. If people are still meeting regularly during their time at work, where is the reason for isolating the others anyways, but of course the show needs to go on.

Nevertheless, the people that are actually staying at home all the time, or at least in between their grocery shopping activities, the daily walk outside, or the casual 50 km’s bike tour, are experiencing the effect of really being at home all the time.

Lucky you, if you have more than one room, more than one floor or even a garden.

At the beginning, this all sounds like an exciting adventure. You might finally work on your open tasks, finish the projects you are currently engaged in, start reading this awesome book that is laying on your shelf for quite some time already or that fancy online blog you have recently discovered. And sure, maybe you are even one of these extremists, that even think about cleaning their complete house from the top to the bottom. Really? Don’t they have better things to do?

As it seems, instead of doing all these awesome things we could do these days in between our home office sessions, we end up doing nothing, or lets rather go with nothing very productive. Instead of finishing the projects that are waiting for us, we are watching Disney Plus in TV because it is free. Instead of doing sport, we compensate that with eating more unhealthy food. Instead of using our time, we literally waste it.

But this is already the topic for tomorrows post.

See you next time!

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