#278 Stay at home – *Topic Week 8* – Day 3 – The problems we all have

When it comes to motivation and time management, we might be all fighting for the title as the worlds worst boss.

Check out Seth Godin’s blog post with the titleThe worlds worst boss” if you do not know what I am talking about.

In our privat lives, me might experience everything from feeling insecure to a lack of motivation. We might do not feel very energetic in our bodies, positive in our minds or in a generally speaking good shape after all.

But do we really care about that? Not really, right? Life goes on, we go on. We hustle from one appointment to the other. From one meeting to the next. Do this, do that. It goes always on and on and on.

Breaks? There are no breaks! Go back to work!

But what happens next is the unavoidable breakdown. The burnout! The obstacles become too big in our lives, we can’t ignore them any longer.

Our bodies are programmed in such a way, that we can go through tough times if necessary, sometimes even running in the emergency mode for hours without end, trying to be faster than the blood thirsty sabre-toothed tiger behind us.

But for sure, once we are really reaching the limits of our own bodies, we urgently need to recover. And if that is the next necessary step, you can’t change or do anything against that. Our bodies shut down anything unimportant and focuses only on the life supporting systems in our organism. What our bodies try to do is a kind of cooling down phase, a recovery, a restart so to speak.

But what happens if we do not allow ourself to recover early enough, can be compared to the usual update on your electrical devices. Once your computer wants to have its regular update, sure you can prevent that from happening for a certain amount of time, but not for ever, right? And once we are reaching that point in our life, the reboot is unavoidable. We might be able to move it a couple of times to tomorrow, but after a certain amount of time, the system will just get what it urgently needs and causes the reboot by itself.

If we ignore the warning signs for too long, that’s the price we need to pay, right?

But with the current situation in our world, it looks like we can actually take a step back from our lives and allow our system to recover a bit and get back into the normal state.

We can start asking ourself what we have been trying to hide from ourself all these years. Are we still satisfied with our current lifestyle? Are we really chasing our dreams? Giving everything we have every single day?

Once we are sitting isolated at home for too long, there will come a point in our lives, somewhere around the time when we have finished Netflix, YouTube and all the other things, that we can’t distract ourself any longer. But that is neither a very bad thing, nor something we need to be afraid about.

We have simply lost the connection to ourself. We do not listen to what we really feel and think, but rather act as we were machines that need to be functioning all the time. Every single day, day in day out throughout our complete life. Are we allowed to show our real emotions? Talk about what we really feel? Can we openly communicate what is going on inside of us?

Are you crazy? That will be the end of your career! That will be it!

But isn’t that the problem we all have? We go through life and need to pretend that we know what is going on, but actually we have no clue? We need to impress the others, show them what we are capable of, represent the modern business lifestyle, but still can’t even deal with ourself for 10 minutes in a room with nothing but ourself? We are living in this ever changing environment and think that we are the state of the art human being, the ultimate step of evolution.

But honestly? I don’t think we are. We are still as clever or as stupid as people were in the past.

For sure, we are never really satisfied with our current situation and already know that the grass will be always greener on the other side of the fence, but nevertheless still running in our hamster wheels, trying to give our best and support the system we hate so much.

But I guess that’s what so many people call life.

Wake up before it is too late.

See you next time!

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