#130 Meditation 4.0 – Season 2 Episode 1 – Counting

Make this, do that. Go go go! You need to perform! Read! Write! Listen! Come one! That’s all you got? Run! Faster! Have you checked your mails? The news, your instagram?

Hey! Stop this mess! Just stop it!

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Your life is an ongoing sequence of events. You hustle from one task to the other. Nonstop.

Well, I am the last person on this planet who tells you to stop doing more, but just take this advice, because the day will come until you will feel burned out. And getting out of there is just on a completely new level.

In order to succeed on the long run, you need to find your inner balance, right? Thats what they are saying!

But you are right! What do I know! This little kid, with 24 years of age. And do you know what! You are completely right with that! I do not know shit. I’m just a victim. Just like you.

Coming down, relaxing, let the world turn on its own. Just for a couple of minutes. That must be a dream. Can you tell me how it feels? Because I can not even remember the day, when I was experiencing something like this.

For me, life is just baaaammmmm, baaaammmmm, baaaaaaammmmmm, and I don’t talk about the screaming of a natural espirated Porsche flat six engine, trying to break through the sonic barrier.

When was the last time your were just feeling satisfied and happy? Not a single thought came your way and you were really present in the moment?

For me, this is not really possible. At least not without some tricks.

Today, I want to present one technique which I will refer to as “counting”. The idea, just start with one and count upwards every time your are breathing in. The rules. The moment you think about anything besides the number you are currently counting, you go back to one.

And this is it. Actually, it is one of the best techniques I found out over the last 5 years, while trying to find a good meditation practice. The concept is of course not from me, but rather something very common in the world of meditation. While some methods are using a so called mantra, which is just a word or a sequence of words that you repeat as long as you are doing the exercise. For example: “I love Porsche, I love Porsche, I love Porsche”. You will focus on that sentence as long as possible and notice in theory when you are off track, because you stopped saying these words.

Well, what in theory looks and sounds very alike to the counting method, is in reality very different, at least from my point of view.

Because I have experienced one dramatic change. The counting method is, of course not really challenging in the way of counting from 1 upwards, but challenging in the way, that you need to use your brain. This is reproducing a more realistic situation, which you may find in your real life. Maybe you are at work, or at university. You will not plainly do the same thing over and over again. You will need to do certain tasks. Like listening, reading, or talking with other people. For those moments, your brain can be trained to get better at don’t letting other thoughts entering your mind. Of course, that is not true, because the thoughts will in fact still enter your mind, you will just realize that they are thoughts and push them away.

Remember, the task for doing a meditation practise is not to don’t think, but to realize that you are thinking and simply push this thought away.

You can do the practice while sitting on an uncomfortable cushion, or simply while laying in bed. You can close your eyes, or let them open. The exercise doesn’t care, but it may get more difficult.

Please try it out and write down below your highest counting score!

See you next time!

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