#131 The tools you need

This is a part of Project W (Double you)


  1. Find the right tools (see list below, use google, what ever.)
  2. Use them, to see if they are working for you or not
  3. Forget about the ones you simply hate, you can even create your own tools and methods
  4. Start! Not tomorrow, not next week. Start right now! Stop reading this and start your project. Change your life! It is in your hands!

Every mechanic needs the right tools, right? It doesn’t matter how skilled he is, or how much experience he has. Without his tools, he can not do the job.

If you have followed the F1 season recently, you could see a lot of struggling mechanics in Mexico and America. Which had the skillset, but no the working tools.

In order to prevent us from failing in that same way, we need to find the right tools.

Source: https://www.datadotdna.com/au/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/tools1.jpg 07.11.2019 10:01

What is a tool?

Google: Tools definition

Ok, it is something to carry out a particular function. Well, that could be anything, right? And actually it is. Every device you are using for a certain task is just that, a tool. But every method you are using is a tool as well.

Of course you can read books like “Tools of Titans”, which is from Tim Ferriss, or similar stuff. Or simply just listen to some Podcasts about these topics, or read autobiographies. There are multiple ways how to find the necessary information you are looking for.

But in the end, a certain tool may work for someone, but not for someone else. I guess those bloody expensive F1 wheel guns are doing their job brilliantly, at least most of the time. But if I want to use them for changing my tires on my own car, they wouldn’t be that useful, right?

But what do I want to tell you with all of that?

The tools you will need are not simply on a list. It is not like you get them together with your letter from Hogwarts and simply buy them in the diagon alley.


In reality, it is a little bit more challenging. Because you need to find them on your own.

Huu… sounds like a lot of work, though 😩

And actually, it is. But after a while, you will see how useful they are.

Oh man, come to the point!

Ok, the point is, that there are literally millions of tools that are available to you. Of course I can tell you the best ones, but actually my best ones are not necessarily your best ones.

Here are some tools

  • To do list
  • Top three goals for the week
  • One goal for today
  • Planning your days one day before
  • Work with a Mindmap to keep track of your tasks
  • active working sheet (Document your process in an excel sheet)
  • Sparing partner (Find a partner and help each other, solve problems, plan your next steps)
  • Publishing online (Use the “peer pressure” motivation)
  • Here are some other tools

“Practice makes perfect”, I guess this is the magical spell here. Just implement them into your day and figure out if they are working for you, or not.

If not, find others, or create your own tools. There is no solution which is better then the tool you created by yourself. Because this will be exactly what you need. And if something doesn’t work, you will simply change it until it fits, without thinking about how dare you are to change a method everybody is using in that exact way.

You have the motivation, you have the idea, but what you are still missing is the how to start with something. With the right tools, you will make it easier for you to start. You can organize your tasks, keep track of your goals or focus your attention on a certain job that needs to be done right now. The secret about the right way is, that you simply start somewhere, somehow and will figure the right way out over time. Try and error. But of course this doesn’t mean to fail thousands of times, because you can learn from the mistakes of others.

The biggest mistake you can do right now, is not to start something because you are waiting for the right moment to start.

As mentioned multiple times already. The right moment is never somewhere in the future. The right moment to start your project is right now!

See you next time!

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