#132 20 minutes writing challenge #8 – The perfect dream

Petals from Bibio

Hey you! Another day, another 20 minutes writing challenge. Enjoy!

The perfect dream

Source: https://media.fromthegrapevine.com/assets/images/2018/4/roping-moon-dream.jpg.480x0_q71_crop-scale.jpg 08.11.2019

Have you ever had a really weird dream that was so absurd and real at the same time? This dream I had tonight, it felt almost realistic! That dream, so weird, but kind of real at the same time, really strange. There were people involved I meet every single day, but also people I haven’t even thought about for the last 10 years. With one person, even his car was very accurate. It felt so realisitc. We had a kind of an accident. But the physics felt right, accurate and very real. It was very impressive.

But what are dreams anyway?

I heard somewhere, that when we are sleeping, our brain works through the day and is trying to sort all the impressions and stuff we have seen.

But when a dream seems so real, I tend to forget that it is all just that, a dream in my head. For me, the hardest thing is to realize, that I am not able to reenter a dream. I guess you had that situation as well. You wake up in the middle of the night and think like. “What! No! NOOOOO! I want to go back there! I want to reenter the dream! Please! God! Please!!!” But most of the time, the dreams are gone. We can not rejoin them. Today, this was different. After being awake for a couple of minutes and even walking to the bathroom, I could rejoin without any problems. Strange! Really strange!

What makes a dream perfect?

When you succeed? When you survive? When you do not fall? Or when you are getting killed, or chased by an animal? It is really hard to say. Who knows? Maybe it is good to die in a dream?

Deja vu

Right, that’s what we call a moment when we have the impression that we have already experienced that situation. I am sure you have experienced that as well. It’s a funny moment. It’s a moment when we really want to stay in that state of mind, right? Or am I the only person who loves that? It’s so fascinating. It stimulates your mind in a certain way, it feels like you have solved the world equation. Every thought feels just so real, nearly enlightened. My mind, just free. I am floating through the ether. Effortlessly.

But then, the moment is over. The feeling, gone. You are back in reality. In the moment. You think about the last couple of seconds. Realize that it was just your mind that tricked you. You think something like “This is of course not possible. I can not see the future before it happens.” You focus on other things. The deja vu, forgotten. Your life goes on. The world starts to turn again.

Today, I want to have another awesome dream. Have you ever thought about what you want to dream about and then actually dreamed exactly that? It’s even more fascinating then a deja vu. I have that rather often, which is of course no wonder after spending like 8h a day on the racing simulator on the weekends. There was just not much else my brain needed to deal with, right?

Well, this is really not my field of knowledge. I have no clue about what I am talking. I can just talk about my experiences, the way I see this topic. And after all, this is just a 20 minutes writing challenge.

It is time. My alarm clock is ringing, or was that all just a dream?

See you next time!

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