#22 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – Season 1 Episode 3 – The law of attraction

Having heard about this years ago in a movie called “The secret”, I wasn’t quite sure what I should think about it. After watching it for quite some times, I was still standing right in the middle between the feeling of being convinced and rather skeptical.

Well, I decided to try it out anyway, even though I did not really understood what I was doing.

“Sounds not like the best idea! I mean I did not know what I was doing! Changing to the dark side? Doing a pact with the devil? It was quite exciting, to be honest! I mean, I always had a creative imagination, but this was a completely new level. This was like magic! This sounded so absurd, that I was kind of fascinated about the outcome!”

I was fifteen, had no clue about life and hormone controlled, but I knew, I wanted to have that one particular motorcycle. It was a Yamaha YZF R125.

This was it!

“So, what did I do?”

I simply did what the movie was telling me. Put some pictures on the wall, imagine you already have it, life your dream!

Step 1: I put some photos on wall. Ok, I was kind of a child, because I believed that the more pictures I put there, the more likely it is to get it. But anyway, so this is what I have done. You can see the images below.

These are the actual photos!

Step 2: Imagine you already have it. Well, that is the fun part. I was laying in bed, closing my eyes and pretended to already have it. I was driving to school, I was driving with friends around town, I was kissing a hot blond girl goodbye and drove into the sunset. I raced on the Nürburgring, I cruised down the highway Route 66 with my gang. I just gave everything. Every single day!

Did I thought I was mad? No! Did I took it serious? For 100 %!

So, what do you think was the outcome? What do you think happened one year later?

Exactly. I got the bike!

Mhh, I can see, you are not really convinced!

So, please, let me explain it to you.

Making a huge step forward into the year 2019, I can proudly announce, that I have figured out how this “Law of attraction thing works”. In the following, I will try to explain.

The law of attraction. What does the internet say?

The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in many ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances.


Interesting, but being an engineer, this sounds a little bit too much over the top. This is at least one step too close towards the spiritual climax.

So here is my way of describing this law.

The law of attraction is something you already use, every single day! But most of us do not do it consciously but rather by accident.

That idiot who blocked you on the highway, the incompetent company you need to deal with at work, your bad boss, life can be a miserable place and the law of attraction is helping you to experience this every single day.

This is the law of attraction! It can be negative, but it can be positive as well!

The sun is shining, I woke up from singing birds that chatted outside of my window. Yesterday I got a positive answer from the company I applied for, I have the job! Driving to work in my car, the radio played my favorite song! I was blasting it along, while enjoying the beautiful scenery next to the road. At work, I got a parking space right next to the entrance. What a wonderful day.

One person, one life, but two completely different experiences. The law of attraction is neither dark art, nor magic. It is just common sense.

If you focus 100 % of your day on failing, you will fail! Not because of bad luck, not because that is your destiny, but, because you attracted it into your life. Your mind works like a magnet. And you get what you deserve! All the time! Every single day!

If you want to have a Porsche and you change your way of living in such a way, that you tick all the right boxes, then there is no other way for you, then to get what you want. That is simply put the law of attraction!

When I was putting those motorcycle pictures on the wall, I invited it into my life. It became a part of my life. How, is not the question, because you already know the answer! Through 100 % commitment, through hard work, through dealing with whatever comes your way. With your action! But and this is really important! I decided to let this bike become a part of my life. I was attracting it!

But you need to understand right now, that everything that happens in your life, doesn’t only happen for a reason, but happens because you attracted it into your life. With your thoughts, your mindset, your actions!

If I practice on my racing simulator for one and a half hours in average every single day, this is not getting me into a real race car. But what gets me there is the law of attraction! I focus so much time of my day on it, therefore, I think about it all the time, I make plans, I save money, I change my priorities, I take action and this whole package is getting me where? Exactly! Into a real race car. If I believe that I can do it, I can do it. And how do I do it? With the law of attraction! Because this includes simply everything you are doing! You are the director of your story! You are holding the strings of your life in your hands. Now it is your turn! Take action! Do something that gets you one step closer to your goals.


See you next time!

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