#325 20 minutes writing challenge #30 – The law of attraction in action? – Porsche experience

Autopilot from Tep No

Can you remember #232 Twenty minutes writing challenge #21 – Living next to a diamond?

Well, in case you can’t remember, it was all about a dream I had at that time. In that dream I was waking up one sunny summer morning, having a Porsche 911 parked right next to my house in an old garage. Sure, it was just a dream I had, but who doesn’t dream about something like this, right!?

Having written this on the 16.02.2020 I had of course no clue that not even three month later I would in fact wake up one morning next to a Porsche 911 parked outside my front door. And what a car it was!

Porsche 911 991.1 turbo S

Was that the law of attraction in action? Was that a first glimpse about my future life? Back in #22 I talked about the law of attraction and how it works. Yesterday, this was also the subject of the part of my book I was rereading for the first time in 2 month.

Have I attracted this Porsche into my life?

For more than three years I am looking at a blue Porsche 911 on my vision board. Every single day.

Vision board

Is this the next step? Was that a sign? Am I on the right path?

It still feels so surreal! How can that be true? How can I make sure that this wasn’t just a dream?

For sure, you should read my latest thoughts on the law of attraction in order to fully understand how this is really working in our day to day life. But I guess, you need to wait a while until you can finally hold my book in your own hands.

For the moment I can only tell you that it works!
Believe it or not!

That the law of attraction works, makes just sense after figuring out what it is all about. It describes a process, a journey, your journey. It describes the way how you transform your life. It is changing the way you live, the way you breath, the way you see the world.

Following our dreams, doing the next steps in order to move on. This is the secret behind the law of attraction theory.

You put this thought into your mind and constantly repeat it until it becomes a part of.

It becomes your identity!

Well, after having done this, it is of course just a matter of time until you will finally get what you want. There is no other way around this.

You change your priorities, your behavior. You focus everything you got on these goals in your new life.

The goals become who you are!

Was that the universe? Was that me? It doesn’t really matters in the end, right?

It just feels so strange when you are waiting for a moment like this and constantly think about how cool it will be. Sure, I dreamed about having the car for the weekend on my own, but that wasn’t really realistic, was it? Well, little did I know.

“Why don’t you take the Porsche and leave me your three thousand euro VW Golf until tomorrow?”

Wait what!? Sure! Hell yes! Ehm thank you!

See you next time!

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