#326 Life-Coaching – S1 E3 – Just why?

Just why? Can you answer this question honestly?

What gets you out of bed in the morning? What prevents you from falling asleep in the night?

Without a reason, there is no reason! As simple as that! If you do not know why, why should you do what you do? Why should you change?

Do you think that life is hard? Or do you think that life is easy?

Without a real reason life can be anything besides funny. But who says that a reason will change that? Who says that a reason will change anything?

In life there is definitely no right or wrong. Every single decision you take can turn your complete life upside down. One single mistake, one single moment. A split second is already more than enough.

But do we care? Do we really think about this? Or do we just live? Follow our instincts and do whatever we are used to do?

I changed. Not because I wanted to, but instead because I was forced to change. I was forced to stop right in my tracks and think about my life over and over again. Until when? I am still doing this! I am still not really understanding what life is all about. But at least I came closer.

I have so much, but do not really see that. I hustle around, jumping from one appointment to the next. From one project to the other. But when do I really take a break and rest? When do I relax?

If you think that this goes on forever, please listen carefully! It will not! It never does! One day or another you will feel burned out. You will feel being done. Done with these projects. Done with these problems. Done with your life.

Once you are stepping over the line, the darkness will be your new best friend.

Have you ever noticed how quickly your mind changes from claiming that something is positive to negativity?

What you need is your why!

You need goals that keep your fighting! You need something to rely on. Even in hard times. In life, there is nothing you really need to do. You do not need to work, build a house, travel the world or do all of these other things that are running around in your head.

Life is not supposed to be like this and life was never supposed to be like this.

You are defining the rules! You are the one that declares what might be wrong and what might be right!

Stop day dreaming, man! This is not getting you anywhere!

Stop living your day to day life for a while and ask yourself what you really want in life.

Define your why! It will not make things easier, but it will keep you going! Every single day! Every single night!

See you next time!

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