#232 Twenty minutes writing challenge #21 – Living next to a diamond

Summer Days (feat. Macklemore & Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) from Martin Garrix, Macklemore, Fall Out Boy

“Ring, ring, ring” Waking up still feels strange. Tired you switch off your phone, turning yourself around and try to fall asleep again. No! Get up idiot! It is time. You check your phone, ten new messages, thousands of mails and some instagram notifications. Let me alone! You get up, put on your shoes and heading outside. On the horizon, the sun starts already to rise as you walk towards your garage. It is 5:05 am on a summer day in August. The refreshing 21 degrees greet you rather enthusiastically as you open the door of the industrial inspired gate.

And there it is, hiding underneath a white blanket. You open the door completely and step into the with sunlight flooded area in front of you. As the dust gets visible by the sun rays, you realize that it is exactly as you ever wanted it to be. In front of you, there is space for two cars, an old leather chair and a couch and a bookshelf containing of old books and magazines. You move on, walking straight across the room. Next to the workbench you grab your driver gloves, change your shoes and take the road map from the desk.

You can not prevent to smile, as you pull at the blanket that hides your beauty. GT silver, what a color, even in that light configuration. You put out the key from your pocket, open the trunk and move your stuff from the couch into the car. Helmet, shoes, driving suit. Check, check, check. You close the trunk, open the door and get in.

As you find your position in the comfortable 918 bucket seat, its finally time to start up your beauty. Rather enthusiastic, the GT3 starts into the morning. This time, even thinking about preventing to smile is not even possible. As you back up the car, rolling into the fresh morning air, it feels good to be back. Finally. You had no clue how to survive the week, but somehow you did. Somehow you managed to endure it.

Closing the garage electrically via a remote control, you back up on the street, engage the first gear and drive off. Next stop, Nürburgring Nordschleife.

“Ring, ring, ring” You wake up, open your eyes and stop the alarm clock on your phone. The first thing you can see is a GT silver 911 GT3 hanging on the wall next to you. One day, you tell yourself, one day in the summer… Now get up and give your best! Work on your dreams!

See you next time!

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