#324 The road to success – Week 20/2020

Reflect to improve

What did I learn this week?

  • The moment you have a personal problem, other problems seem to miraculously disappear
  • I need a Porsche 911 turbo, miss the car so much

How did the goals from last week work?

  • The presentation was very good, I hope for the best
  • I reflected on my current situation, started working on my book again and focused more on my future plans

Top three goals for next week!

  • Working on the projects for university
  • Continue with my book
  • Give my knee the time it needs to get better again

See you next time!


    1. No problem! I can highly recommend you to do the very same thing. Not necessarily for the sake of doing more, but for knowing what you are actually doing all day long. I do this for quite some time already and it really helps to get a better feeling for time.

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