#430 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E13 – Fake it until you make it!

What sounds like a fairy tale can in fact become a reality. Numerous of examples have proofed that to the world already.

Fake it until you make it.
Pretend to be somebody until
that somebody turns into you.

Steven Tyler

But it does feel and sound so strange, doesn’t it? From an early age onwards everybody tried to teach us the lessons about honesty and the truth.


And now I show up here in the world wide web and tell you about this crazy hell of a concept that suggests to do the exact opposite of everything you believed in so far in life?

Well, I guess we are walking on thin ice already, therefore, do not panic! I repeat! Do not panic and read this thing until the end!

Lets rather try to better understand the idea! Sounds good? Well, I guess you must have so many questions! “What is it all about and how can we implement this into our everyday lives schedules?


The “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” kind of attitude towards life might be as old as life itself. Whenever there were people dreaming about a better future, they did what? Wake up from their dreams and be back in their miserable lives? Or do you think that there were always a few people here and there that would have a clearer and more detailed picture of who they want to be or what they want to do in the future? From emperors, to dictators, from entrepreneurs to small business owners, from doctors to lawyers, from politicians to song writers.

We might all strive for a better and more glamorous future. A world with peace, endless financial resources and honey in the streets, so to speak. A better world for ourself and our own family and friends.

Well, and then, we most likely wake up from our most delighted day dream and let the reality pull us back onto the ground where we belong. Sure, we all had these dreams in mind when we were much younger. But back in the old days we were just stupid, right? We were just uneducated, small minded and naive. We thought that “we can actually change the world” and believed that “nothing is impossible“!

I guess, the reality has taught us a lesson on that already! Today, we stand with both feet solid on the ground. These dreams, long forgotten. Our hopes, buried under ground. We have accepted our faith. Living the life we are supposed to be living.

But wait a second! What?

Hell no! That’s not what I want! I have ambitious goals to reach! I will do this no matter what! I will fight! I will never give up! I will endure the endless pain, the failing, the way people will look at me. I will reach my goals no matter what! But how?

The concept behind this “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” is pretty simple and was already state out in the quote above! Someone might just pretend to be already the person someone wants to become, until that person becomes exactly that kind of a person he or she desired to become in the first place.

Just take me for an example. On the 7th of May in 2017 I finally took the courage and committed to my current goals in life. You can check them out here in more detail or simply have a look at the picture below. On that very same day I set down with my computer and documented the goals I wanted to reach in the future. Stuff I wanted to acquire, skills I wanted to learn, hobbies I wanted to do. Everything that came to mind got documented on my vision board.

Vision board

Well and then, I simply started to fake it until I will evantually make it. As you can see by now, I want to become a race car driver. But how do you become a race car driver? My category “RACING IS LIFE” focuses specifically on this topic, right! And sure, the best answer to questions like these is always the: “Step by step” approach! Well done, reader! But believe it or not, you become a race car driver in your head way before you become one on an actual race track.

Do you have the guts to stand in for your dreams? To look other people right into their eyes and tell them that you will reach your goals no matter what? No matter how high the obstacle in your way might be? No matter how small the probability that you will reach it eventually?

FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” is not primarily a kind of a scam you are used to experience from time to time in your life. It’s not the Indian guy with the bad English accent that wants to get your credit card number in order to give you the free 1 million dollars you have won. “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” is a life philosophy that will help you to completely commit to your dreams and goals in life.

It will change your life from one day to the other like basically each and every life improving method out there. “The law of attraction“, the “Mastermind theory” and the list might go on and on. These strategies are all aiming for the same goal, preparing your mind for the future success which is about to come automatically, once you have understood the secret behind them.

Have I sat there in front of my couch three years ago and decided to become an author even though I had no clue how to become one? Of course I did! Did I had any clue that I would have a blog in the future? Or that I would write a book? Or that I would do my masters degree? Or that I would sit in a race car in 2019 already? No of course not! But I had the vision! In my own imagination I put myself wherever I wanted to be. Becoming an author, a race car driver, an engineer. This is simply what I wanted to become!

But how do we get these things?

Right! We need to change our complete life! We need to turn everything up side down and finally start to work on our ambitious goals! Therefore, what did I do? I started to write my blog! Every single day! Was it a success? Of course not! Did I care? Of course not! In my head I was the most successful blogger that has ever lived! And I moved on! I wrote the next post! And the next one! And the one after that! Today, my blog is far away from being anything close to a “successful” blog. Come on, this is just costing me a lot of time and money. But honestly, I don’t care! Because I can see the future already! I can see this thing skyrocketing to the top! Sure, you might think that I have lost my mind already, but this is the “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” kind of attitude we are talking about today.

I know, other people do not state it out so plainly, but this is the truth! If you want something, well, you need to give everything in order to get it! It will not miraculously fall into your hands! You need to fight for it! But if you have lost the battle in your head already, well, you will lose sooner or later in the real world as well! Having dreams, sure, everybody can do that! But working on your dreams every single day until these things become a part of your reality? Believing in ones own abilities? Trusting the own skills? Work as hard as someone can work and never ever giving up? That’s something not too many people can push through! They give up! They stop! They change their goals!

“FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” is a life philosophy you should definitely have in your portfolio of strategies! Why? Because this is exactly how life works! You want to become a doctor? Well, how does someone become a doctor? Sure, that’s an easy question! That person studies medicine, right? But is that all? Do you know someone who has studied medicine? Look at their behavior and compare it to the very same person they were 10 to 20 years ago. You do not only study something and acquire the knowledge, you also change the way you think, talk and react. You might even change your style, your cloths, your lifestyle, your body posture. Becoming a doctor is more than just the attendance of university. And the same is the truth for everything else in life.

Whatever it is you want to become in life! Pretend to be that person already! Ask yourself: What would such a person do today? And then, well, you simply do exactly that! If you have a look at one of my recent blog posts on Racing is life, number #426 you can instantly see what I am talking about. I decided to become a race car driver. But what does that mean? This means that I behave like on! I eat like one, I do my workouts like one, I practice racing like one, I read the same stuff, watch the same onboards, and simply copy everything they are doing.

Where is this leading me towards? I guess, you can already answer this question by yourself!

FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” always works! Why? Because if you can really push through until the very end, there is only one outcome possible!

Reaching your goals becomes just a matter of time! Keep fighting, it will be worth the effort!

See you next time!

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