#439 Racing is life – S4 E10 – The Road into Motorsport – The difference between being good and being world class

Practicing at least around two hours on my racing simulator a day, someone might assume that I would be world class in this sport already. But well, as we all know, it might not be that easy to actually get there! It’s never about the time we spend that really matters, but instead about the way we spend our time! Sure, everybody can cruise around on the Nordschleife for two hours a day, having a bit of fun with friends and crashing every here and again. But will this kind of behavior get us anywhere closer to our goals? In every walk of life there comes a moment where you need to decide!

Is being good at something enough? Or do you want more?

Are you satisfied with the way your life is? Or do you want more? Can this partner give you everything you always wanted to have? Or are you still looking for a better option? Well, when it comes to the topic of relationships and stuff, I guess I am not the right person to get advices from. With being single for 5 and a half years by now, I guess I am doing something wrong. But sure, I am just satisfied with the outcome. I am ok with that! And therefore experience a kind of a plateau in my private life.

But well, when it comes to the topic of racing, I guess the answer is quite clear! Of course I want to become better! Sure, I don’t want to get into the Formula One and stuff which makes my life a lot easier, but still, I have very ambitious goals. I want more! But how do I get there? With playing around a little bit here and there after work on my racing simulator? I highly doubt that!

In order to become a champion yourself, you need to do what a champion would do!

Photo by Chris Peeters on Pexels.com

Fake it until you make it! Do you remember this recent post? This is exactly what we need! This might be the key to success!

Someone might just look at what the real champions are doing and starts to do the very same thing! And guess what I am doing? I am doing exactly that! I ask myself! What would a Lewis Hamilton, or a Sèbastien Buemi do today in order to get better? But it doesn’t even stop there! I look also at former race car drivers! How do they practice? How do they spend their time. I even look for the other parts of their life. Like their nutrition, their sport routines and stuff like that! And the list goes on and on!

Sure, you might look at this and start to laugh! But that’s how you do it! You either go hard, or go home! As easy as that! There is no place for doubters, naysayers or haters in your life! Why? Because they will hold you back! They will slow things down! They will try anything in order to prevent you from reaching your goals! It doesn’t matter what the term “successful” means to you, but look at people that are “successful” from your point of view and tell me what they did in order to get there? Did they got up every morning and doubted their own abilities? Or did they got up in the morning and worked their fucking asses off?

The difference between being good at something and being world class? It’s like the difference between night and day! Whatever you are currently doing! Sure! Great! At least you are doing something! But come on! You already know that this will not lead you to the very top! People can achieve outstanding success! You can achieve outstanding success! But only if you stop this nonsense and really focus on your tasks at hand!


A quote that is getting used all over the place! And why? Sure! That’s an easy one! Because that is the key to success! I know! It’s still such a long journey! But if others can do it, you can do it as well! Make every day count and you will see where this is leading you towards in life! And don’t be afraid to make mistakes! You will always learn out of them and come out stronger and more experienced on the other side!

See you next time!

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