#438 Writing – S1 E5 – The Art of writing in the Night

When is the perfect time for writing?

Really early on in the morning light when your brain feels still fresh and recovered from the exciting adventures of your dreams? Or late at night after a glass of wine or two? A routine might in fact be the key to a more successful writing process. But is “a” routine really the thing you should aim for? Or isn’t it better to find “your” personal routine that fits perfectly to you and your current project at hand?

Writing is, like many other things in life, just that, a process. A process that may consists out of multiple tasks you need to do simultaneously in order to actually write something down. Sure, what’s the big deal? Just hit into the keys, right? But at least from my current perspective, writing should indeed mean a little bit more than just that, to you!

Writing is an art form.

Having an old school inspired writing style with just a piece of paper and a pen, or a more modern approach towards things with a brand new MacBook or at least something digital? I don’t think that there is the one solution that fits it all. You need to figure out what’s working best for you and your current situation and simply make the best out of it. Just imagine me having to write something on a piece of paper without any autocorrect. Oh my god, this would be the end!

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

But sure, don’t get me wrong on this, the way you write your stuff really matters! Right now I am typing on a silver MacBook that sits neatly on my lap. At least that’s how someone from the outside would describe the situation. But in reality, this seems to be only half the truth! Because in fact, I am not just sitting there and typing. I am living the dream! Just look at this neatly designed piece of machinery! AWWWW! It’s so thin! So good looking! And these colors! Awesome! These new displays are magical! And sure, don’t forget the haptic! The feedback you get from hitting the keys! Sure, I could write on a normal computer as well, but that wouldn’t be the same! The moment I take my apple product and place it on my lap, I am not just starting off working on my computer, but in fact, live the dream they were selling me over the years! I really just need to look at this thing and the images are already coming to mind. A barefoot blonde actress that sits in a very uncomfortable position on a long haired grey carpet in front of her couch in the living room next to a 21st century inspired modern fireplace with top to sealing windows in the back and a view on the city next by, oh my god! And this young lady is just pushing it through! Hitting the keys as hard as possible and is blasting out the most creative work session that has ever been performed in this world! Sure, that’s just marketing. But hell yeah it worked! I really just need to take a glimpse on my MacBook and I am already close to getting into the zone!

Thank you Steve Jobs!

But on a more serious note, during the process of writing you might try to get something actually down “on paper“. You start to document your thoughts and try to secure them for future generations to come. Ok! Well, maybe it’s not that important after all, but you get the message, right?

It’s pitch-black in the room, the screen of a MacBook is the only source of light that is still left. The sun has long gone down. The world turned itself away from the light. The only thing that illuminates the room is the screen in front of your already pretty tired eyes. The screen and those fancy lights that are illuminating each and ever key on the keyboard. Every single one! But wait! In fact, there is one that is not illuminated! It’s the “space” key! This one has no lights! Why should it have some? Come on! It’s the biggest key on the board! And sure, in reality, you can not see much in space anyways. It’s just a very cold, dark and empty place. Not even air is there! Can you believe it?! But you are still here. Sitting in the darkness. An empty page in front of your eyes. Not a single word! You haven’t written a single word today! Come on! Are you serious? You can’t be serious! And your glance moves back into the sheer endless darkness of your room. It’s still pitch black, but now it doesn’t matter anymore. You have that woman from the commercial in mind! With a smile you start hitting into the keys! A word, to words. A sentence. Eventually it will become a paragraph.”

Writing in the night, a sensation you should definitely try as well! It’s kind of mystical, actually and you forget about the world around you in a much fast way. Sure, usually we sleep at night. At least I heard people talking about this. But come on! You have a weekend coming up fast! Why don’t you give this thing a try? And sure, there is always a life hack, right? You can also close the door shutters and pretend that it is night already.


After 438 continues days of writing my blog I guess I might be a kind of a professional already when it comes to ways how to motivate yourself for the upcoming writing task. But can I really deliver the message? Can I share my insights and help you to improve even faster than I do? Well, when there is one thing I already know then it is this! Nobody! I repeat! Nobody! Can work in those uncomfortable body positions these people always have in the movies and commercials! Sure, it looks cool and really energetic! But come on, it’s just not really realistic! Writing one blog post on the ground in the front of the fire place? I guess I need at least 10 days to recover from my back pain after that. And I am only 25!

What you need is clear already! A writing routine that works in harmony with you and your lifestyle! There is nothing won by forcing you into something that is at the end of the day just not you! And in fact, it doesn’t work anyways! Very similar to the world of Harry Potter, the writing style is finding its writer and not the other way around!

The story about the magic wand in part 1? Anyone? Come on guys!

Don’t push yourself too much into something here! Just try everything and figure out what works for you best! And sure, you can also have different styles for different situations! Come on! We are not at school anymore! You can do whatever you want! There are no rules! There are no limitations!

Have you tried to write in the darkness / night already? What’s your comment on that? Please let me know and like and subscribe! The first ten people will get a special place in my hearth ❤️. Haha! Just kidding! My hearth is already taken by the Porsche 911 car I will buy somewhere in the future… Sorry!

A side note! It might sound like I am a real Apple fanatic, but in fact, I am not! I was always their biggest critic until one day, when I finally had enough of having electrical devices that do not work in the way they are intended to function. Apple products just work all the time!

See you next time!

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