As predicted last time in #428 BEHIND THE BLOG – S1 E4 – BACK TO THE BASICS, my writing routine needs to change “dramatically” in order to keep on going with my daily writing program. Why? That’s an easy answer! Because I am back in the world of being an employee. Meaning, that I will spend quite some time at a company nearby which is of course time, that I will miss in other fields of life like my racing program, the workout routine or of course my little blog writing project here.

Getting up at 5:40 am, going to work, leaving work at 3 pm or 4 pm, eating, 1h – 2h blog post writing, 2h workout, 2h racing simulator, eating, going to sleep and REPEAT!

Sounds pretty much like a normal day in a workaholics life, right? And in fact, I do not even struggle with holding up the pace. It’s a lot of fun and actually helps me a lot in order to get my training even more efficient and effective! But it’s of course the blog project here that lets me worry. Can I keep up with the high quality density I delivered in the last couple of weeks? Can I satisfy my readers demands and wishes? Can I satisfy my own expectations? I guess the first week clearly indicated that there is a lot of potential for me to improve. I need to get my mindset better under control and actually relearn the skill of “writing on command“. Sure, I was good at that back in the old days when I have started this thing, but in the last 11 month there was simply put no need to keep on pushing. I just had a lot of time and was never really in any kind of a time pressure situation!


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This is the most important thing right now! Under no circumstances can I overpace in such a critical phase at the beginning or the middle of the week. Sure, the save harbor (the weekend) might be already in sight! But it’s still a long way to go! These days, I am always one blog post ahead! Why? Oh, right! Because I am using the “planning” option on WordPress and in fact, let them publish my daily blog posts at precisely 9:11 am in the morning when I am already for over two and a half hours at work! I hope, Ferdinand Porsche would be proud of me.

Sure, for someone from the outside this might sound in fact a little bit stressful here and there! And sure! I do not deny the fact that it might be in fact a little bit stressful here and there! But it definitely sounds much worse than it actually is! And don’t forget! I am doing this because I want to do it! Spending 2 hours a day on the racing simulator is just pure fun! It’s amazing! You should try it as well! Therefore, I wouldn’t say that I need to force myself into this tight schedule I have every single day! It’s rather the exact opposite! I need to slow things down a little bit from time to time and actually try to recover and relax!

Am I satisfied with my new writing routine? Not to 100%. I still experience this inner “need” to write tomorrows blog post right now before doing anything else! And honestly! This is really annoying! The solution? I guess its quite simple! Someone might just write a bit more on the weekends and starts into the week with having already written the first couple of posts! For example Mondays and Tuesdays post. This will make it way easier to get through the week! Sure, it’s just a mindset thing in my head, but that’s Murphys law, right?

If it’s stupid but it works it ain’t stupid.

Murphys Law

I should get out of the weekend with pretty much having already written the Mondays and Tuesdays blog post. Then I can easily write Wednesdays’s post on Monday and have quite some time for the other two until the weekend!

If this is the strategy to go, I guess we will see! I am feeling kind of stressed out here and there and want to work on this in order to get more relaxed and back in harmony. But I guess time will tell if this is in fact a bigger problem I really need to deal with in the next couple of weeks or not! But for this week, I guess I need to push through the daily struggle of writing something good for the day that is about to start.

As always on my blog, I hope that this thing has helped or will help you for your life and own projects! And don’t forget!


See you next time!

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