#440 Behind The Blog – S1 E6 – What’s going on with WordPress These days?

Honestly, what the hell!? Since Tuesday I experience a lot of problems with my WordPress account. Sure, every system might crash from time to time and can struggle a bit here and there with this function or the other for a while. But come on guys! I have these problems for three days already! You can’t be serious!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Since the early beginning of my blog adventure 440 days ago, I am using WordPress without experiencing any big kind of issues. Sure, sometimes there was something that might did not work perfectly for a couple of hours or even a day. But generally speaking, this was never a big deal after all. Only this current situation seems to be something bigger! And honestly, I do not even know what to say? That’s just not the kind of customer experience I expect. But well, being not one of the “complaining” kind of people out there, I wouldn’t write them a letter of complaint yet. Just take your time, guys and solve these issues!

But nevertheless, it’s really going on my nerves! I can hardly believe that I am the only person out there with these issues, am I?

The problems

While the first issue is something I figured out a work around solution already, the second one is the thing that is really getting on my nerves! But let’s go step by step.

Problem 1: The media center is not working!

As you can see in the picture above, we can see nothing! The pictures are simply put not visible anymore. I don’t know what it is! But sure, it’s not my job to figure this out! I just can’t believe that it takes three complete days to fix this issue! I hope that by the time this gets published you have already solved the problem! But it doesn’t seem like that!

Problem 2: The real problem!

I can not see any of my already posted blog posts. Not a single one! And that means of course that I can not change anything once I have published something online. And honestly, this is just a no go! Not even the new ones I have published since Tuesday show up! Well, I hope you guys fix this anytime soon!

But ok, lets rather do not waste any more time with this nonsense! It will lead nowhere, right? And sure, we should not forget that it has even something positive! All those 437 days before Tuesday I took it for granted to see photos in the media center or actually correcting my horrible writing mistakes after a day or two when people would eventually tell me about them. But being in this new situation for three days already, these past 400 something days seem to be like heaven on earth! It feels like a luxury to have such a long period of time without any issues! I simply put took it for granted that the blog software would work any single day and forgot about the fact, that of course even a software can crash or fail from time to time.

Knowing that most of my followers are bloggers themself, does someone experience the same issues, or am I really the only one here?

But anyways, life goes on! My daily blog routine goes on! And actually it makes quite a lot of fun to look for a workaround solution when you have a problem like this, right? Or is this just my engineers mind that breaks through? God, I love to solve issues and make life more easy!

If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid!

Murphys Law

The solution for using pictures without seeing them in the media center? I either upload them from my computer directly, or I find them online, for example in Pexels and upload them into the media center. Then this picture gets automatically selected even though that I can’t see or select any photo in the media center myself and can insert it into the blog post. But sure, this is not really what you need, right? I need a solution to see the pictures that are already in the media center. Well, guess what! I even figured out a solution for that! Ok, I guess it was rather an accident, but anyways. The moment you type in a letter into the search bar in the media center, all of your pictures with that letter in the name will show up! YAY!!! 🥳

But speaking about WordPress today anyways, I guess I can add some more thoughts and give some feedback myself!



  • Generally speaking I am satisfied with WordPress. Everything seems to work (just ignoring the issues from this week).
  • You pay your stuff and know that it will just work and support you to make your project a little bit better day by day.
  • The featured designs and stuff are good and easy to understand.
  • Once you know how to do it, it helps you to get better.


  • Especially for new people to the WordPress world, this seems to be not that intuitive to understand how stuff is getting done! A lot of things are not really good explained and you need to invest a lot of time to get used to it. Sure, you will spend a lot of time with your blog anyways, but it could be so much easier and more simple. That’s all I am saying.
  • I simply can’t copy more than one paragraph at a time, for example when I want to do my The road to success weekly statistic. In the past this was possible, but then it stopped working half a year ago or so.
  • A very similar issue is, that when I try to delete some paragraphs I have written, the “mode” will kind of change and I can’t write anything any longer. I need to save the draft, close it, reopen the document and only then I can continue to write something.
  • If there is a connection issue it will get “stuck” in the automatic saving mode and you can’t get the blog post saved. The moment you close the thing most of the stuff you have written will be gone. Therefore you need to copy each and every paragraph after the other into a new template and save it there.

Oh god, and here it was again! I deleted the couple of paragraphs underneath and bam, I can’t write anymore! Well, if these are my only problems in life I guess I can count myself to the lucky people out there! Have a great weekend!

See you next time!

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