#447 Endless motivation – *Topic Week 11* – Day 4 – How to motivate yourself

Now, that you have understood the importance of figuring out your reasons in life way before actually trying to do anything, it is finally time to discuss the process of motivating oneself.

When it comes to you, I guess you are the only person that really understands what is going on behind the facade. You are the insider, so to speak! The person that might in fact know the truths and nothing but the truth! At least in theory, you should be closer to yourself than anyone else in this world ever cloud. Therefore, I can hardly come up with something I might have guessed out of the blue and tell you in fact, this is the exact process that suits to your current situation in life perfectly! Considering the fact, that you know yourself the best, it is you that needs to figure out the perfect way how to motivate yourself. Right? Right!


What’s the best money related advice in the world? Right! “Always have a diversified portfolio!” But why should it be different when it comes to other topics in life? For me, diversification is king! All the time, every time! Sure, there are some all-time favorite strategies and things I do, because I know that they always work! But of course nothing will in fact work all the time! Am I correct? Therefore, you do not really need the one solution that fits it all, but rather different strategies for the right moment or situation in life!

What you need is the perfect strategy for every single event that might possibly happen to you!

Imagine sitting in a Boeing 747 cockpit 10.000 meters above the earth with an engine failure! What do you need? More time to think about your next moves? Or a checklist that tells you exactly, step by step, what you need to do and how you need to do it? If I were you, well, I would rather be me! But nevertheless, I would prefer the checklist! I do not know very much about airplanes anyways, I guess even an hour worth of time will not help me! Therefore, the checklist is by far the better option!

Well, in your life, you can do the very same thing and in fact work with a checklist. Sure, life will become a little bit more predictable, maybe even boring, but at least you can be more productive and actually use more of your valuable time you always experience a lack of.

Just pick a scenario from your every day life and try to find the perfect solution for it! What? This sounds complicated? Ok, well, here are some examples!

Case 1: The everyday moments you can’t avoid!

Imagine you are leaving work right now! You feel exhausted, tired, and done for the day! The only thing you want to do right now is doing nothing! What do you think about writing your daily blog now? You like the idea? I bet you don’t! This doesn’t sound like a good idea, right? You can hardly be productive in this exhausted kind of a state! Well, not necessarily! Why don’t you put in your earphones the moment you are leaving work and listen to a podcast or audiobook in a language you want to learn, or improve upon anyways? You simply start this thing and enjoy. You relax. You breath normally. You are just sitting in your car, bus or whatever and driving home. You are letting your thoughts wander around, thinking about whatever you want! You do not need to focus on the audio in your ear, you do not need to prevent thoughts from coming up. Just get home and enjoy the home traveling process as much as possible. Can you feel it? The positive vibes that are rushing through your body? You had wasted this time of your day anyways, but now, you even did something productive, something that you did enjoy, something that might help you to reaching your goals! Maybe you want to become a race car driver, well, why don’t you listen to people talking about this topic?

Case 2: Leave me alone! I don’t want!

But back at home your energy might not come back yet, right? You feel even more exhausted now! The traffic was awful and all those people! Unbelievable! Now, it’s getting a bit more tricky! You may chose one of the following strategies!

  1. Fear (Always works! “The exam is in one week and you haven’t done anything yet! Go and get to work!”)
  2. Guilty conscience (I haven’t done my meditation practice yesterday… how could I…)
  3. Inspiration from others (YouTube documentary, instagram profiles, speeches)
  4. Group dynamics (Run together in a group)
  5. Routine (I go swimming every Monday at 6 pm)
  6. Visualization of goals and reasons (PORSCHE 🤤🥰)
  7. Proofing that you are worthy to others (“Ha, she split up with me! I will show her that this was a mistake!”)
  8. Social pressure through publicly committing to things (Online blog, YouTube, telling family and friends, coworkers, neighbors)
  9. Music (Listen to something that really kicks!)
  10. Getting into the zone (Watch that one particular YouTube video that always gets you, or remember the feeling you had reaching your last goal)
  11. Reward (I will do this, and afterwards eat a big piece of chocolate)
  12. Combination of good and bad things (Do something you hate while doing something you love. “I hate push ups, but I don’t mind, as long as I can watch the new episode on my iPad)
  13. Combine good and good (Do something good while doing something even better. “Racing simulator and listen to an exciting podcast.”)
  14. Reflecting on your past successes (“Remember last year when I won at the kart track? Now, go for it!”)

In fact, I think that there is an infinite amount of ways how someone can motivate themselves and others. In the game called life, everything is allowed! Therefore, why don’t you use everything there is? Fake it until you make it? Exactly!

How to motivate yourself? Nothing is easier than that! Just do the things that you enjoy, and you will instantly love doing it! Combine the things that you like with unpleasant stuff and you will see, it will become much easier!

Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

Motivation starts in your head! Get the mindset right, the body will follow automatically!

See you next time!

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