As we have discussed yesterday in great detail, you are still lacking a “definite chief aim” in life! From the authors (Napoleon Hill) point of view, a man can only have one “definite chief aim” in life. Meaning that you set one particular goal and reach exactly that, but not more than that! Sure, he has published this thing in 1928 when people were really focusing their “life work” on one particular thing only, but I just do not think that this is the only way to go.

Without a doubt, if you want to become the “Michael Jorden” of your profession, you will need to make sacrifices in nearly every walk of life! But come on! Do we really need to become always “the best“? In my topic week 4, “The Top 5%” from nearly one year ago, I stated out my feelings towards that already. For me, the very top is not really interesting. I am fine with being exceptionally good, but not necessarily the best!

Why should you be the best in something? Everyone will focus on you! The media, your opponents, the masses, and the list goes on and on. But do you really need to have all of this? I guess the answer is quite simple, you need to decide upon this on your own! But at least for me, this is not really a thing I am aiming for!

I rather want to be good in 5 things at the same time, compared to just the one where I might never actually get to the top. But sure, your life, your rules!

How to give your life a reason? I guess the easiest way is to get a dog or a cat! But that’s not really what we are up to in todays post, right? In order to have “endless motivation” you will need to be able to motivate yourself over and over again! Sure, sounds tricky! But is indeed nothing compared to the task you need to do right now! Figuring out the reasons and goals in life! What do you want to reach? You remember one of the all time most favorite questions in job interviews? “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What do I recommend?

Each and everyone of us might has at least once decided upon something, only to figure out later on that it was a terrible mistake, right? We sold something that seems to be really valuable these day. We did not listen to our heart. We trusted the wrong folks. But sure, back in the old times when we actually took the decisions, it seemed to be the right thing to do!

Therefore the tip number one is: TAKE YOUR TIME!

Of course you can take a seat right now and write down all of your reasons and ideas that come to mind. Repeat them day after day and motivate yourself through that! But honestly, only time will tell if these things are indeed the things you should aim for in life.

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Therefore, please, go ahead! Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down your thoughts! One after the other! Sure, if you want to make this thing a little bit more professional, why don’t you create a vision board like I did? Time will tell if these things from your list are in fact the things that will keep you moving forward in life or not.

A reason can be strong, a reason can be weak! But that doesn’t matter in this stage of the program. Just write them down and read them over and over again! Again and again! It might take two days, two weeks, two month or even two years. Sometimes it might take forever! But that is the great thing about life. There are no rules. You can simply start today with whatever is on your list and change it later on if necessary.

Do you believe in god? Well, honestly I don’t care! But you need to believe in your yourself and in your reasons! If they are not strong enough, well, why don’t you stop right here, right there? It will not work anyways! If you are not even convinced, how do you think can you convince other people? Can you tell me?

Is it really that simple? I guess the answer is “YES, IT IS!”

Without good reasons you will not reach your goal! But of course, that doesn’t mean that good reasons are the only thing you will need in order to reach your goals! Good reasons alone do not really improve your life in anyway, right? We also need to learn to how to use them in our everyday life! Therefore we will focus on that in tomorrows post!

See you next time!

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