#445 ENDLESS MOTIVATION – *Topic Week 11* – Day 2 – Give your life a reason

It might sound really simple, maybe even too simple. But in fact this is the only thing you are still missing out on in your life.

Too many of us are running cluelessly through the years of time and call that “living“. But is life really supposed to be like that? I am honestly not sure! As we have already learned, there is no right or wrong in life. Nobody can tell you what might be the correct path you should take. But come on! You must have a sense for what seems to be the right thing for you, correct?

The most of the people out there do not have a “definite chief aim” in life, as Napoleon Hill describes it in his book “The Law of Success“, published in 1928. And today, nearly 100 years later, it is still the same. Isn’t that fascinating to see? How is that even possible? In the last 100 years the human race has achieved outstanding things. But still, we are claimed to be as clueless and aimless as our ancestors 100 years ago?

What is your “definite chief aim” in life? What is your “mission“? What is your “reason”? What is your “story”?

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You need to give your life a reason! Well, easier said than done, right? But this is in fact the thing you really need. Sure, you can never be certain if your current concept of this world is in fact the right thing for you to aim for. But that’s just how life works. You can never know what will happen.

Can you take your phone right now, call a friend of yours and telling this person exactly what your “definite chief aim in life is?

I bet you can’t!

But honestly, this is not enough! Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you remember the “patronus spell and how often Harry needed to practice it until he finally mastered the spell? With your reason in life it might be the very same thing. Your reason is just not strong enough! That’s why you have failed so often and that’s why you will fail so often in the future as well! If your reason is not strong enough, you will more likely skip a working session here or there. You will not fully commit to your goals in life and always try to stay within the safety zone! Sure, not a big deal! Nobody expect from you to jump into the cold water from one second to the other! But that constant searching for loopholes in the equation is in fact the thing that let’s me worry! You are talking yourself out of things way too often! You find excuses why you can’t. Why today is not the right day to keep on working on your goals! But well, we both know where this will lead you towards, right? This can hardly be the direct way to success! In fact, this might the way in the exact opposite direction!

We think that we fail, we fail, we feel confirmed in our thinking.

Give your life a reason! It is indeed that simple! But sure, why don’t you give your life a couple of more reasons? That’s fine as well! These concepts in your mind need to be really strong! They need to be connected to your inner self! They need to become a part of you! They need to become you! This is your new identity, my friend! You don’t believe in “positive vibes“, “energy” and fancy stuff like this? No problem, nobody expects that from you! I did not say that you should dance barefoot in the full moon around a tree and talk to the universe! I mean, sure, if it helps you, why not! Go for it! But it’s more than enough to figure out your reasons this time around and absorb them until they will enter even the deepest and darkest places of you heart and soul.

From owning a Porsche 911 to saving the world from starving. From fighting against the climate change to the private yacht in Monaco. Whatever drives you! Just write it down and fully commit to it!

That’s the only way!

Your goal! Your mission! Your vision for a better future! This needs to become a part of your identity! You need to absorb these things and make them a part of yourself. The moment you start to dream about these things, you might be on the right path! And then comes what? Right! The easy part! The simple repetition of your goals until you have finally got the message.

Life is not only about materials things, don’t get me wrong on this. But it will be much more easy to imagine yourself sitting in a Porsche, than you solving an issue the world might have in the future, but you do not even know about the problem, neither the way how you will solve this issue. And sure, a “definite chief aim” in life should be indeed be that: DEFINITE!

What you need are simple reasons for why you should get up in the morning and just do stuff. Maybe you want to impress someone? Maybe you want to proof it to yourself? Whatever drives you is allowed! And sure, you do not need to tell your goals to anybody! These are your goals!

From experience I know, that even after reading this most delightful piece of advice, you are not even a single step closer to your reason in life. Therefore, we will focus on this again tomorrow!

See you next time!

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