#444 ENDLESS MOTIVATION – *Topic Week 11* – Day 1 – The concept of being motivated every single day!?

Can you imagine being a tourist in a place where every single person might get up in the morning with a new ton of motivation for the day? How would this place look like? What would these people do? How would people treat each other? How would these people treat you?

You get up in the morning and then what? You can hardly run in the park! Why? The paths are overcrowded with morning joggers! The gym, closed for new visitors one minute after opening! On a big sign you can read: “Average waiting time: 5h 30 min”. What the hell? Come on guys, you can’t be serious! Frustrated you try to walk back home. Carefully you avoid all those suit wearing people that come you way. In fact, they do not only look like having a photo shooting for their entry into the “Forbes 100” list in an hour or so, but also walk so fast and determined that you get the sensation to move out of their way and better do not stop them from reaching their daily goals.

Thank god! You did it! You are back at the hotel safely. What a crazy world out there! On your way to the reception you figure out, that even here the Forbes magazine might come around later in the day doing a “Hotel business check” or something like that. A way too over friendly woman is already holding your room key in her hand. “Welcome back! Your room is already cleaned, the mini bar refilled and there is a surprise waiting for you on the side desk!” My room is already cleaned? What? I left the hotel 5 minutes ago. You take the key, thank the Lady and look around in the lobby. The empty lobby! You look to the left, to the right, to the left again. There is nobody! You haven’t noticed this last evening when checking in late at night. You turn around to the receptionist and ask: “May I ask you a question? How many guests do you have these days?” “Oh, certainly! Let me check, yes, here it is! We have 654 guests registered for today!” “654 guests? But why don’t I see someone in the lobby or the bar?” “You must know, people in this area are a bit different! … They do not waste their time by fooling around in the lobby.

What a crazy idea, right? Can you imagine a place like this? A place, where every single person might be motivated as fuxx? This would be a game changer, right? Every single task, job, or thing would be treated as a direct command from the president. But not only that! Everything would be optimized to the limit! From the guy that delivers the morning post, to the CEO of a company. People would be so motivated, there is hardly anybody out there that hasn’t founded at least one company, or has at least one patent registered on his or her name. This would be a mess! A chaos! A nightmare! A constant fight between businesses! One trying to be better than the other. Offering a unique costumer service today and figuring out that the competition has already copied it, but even worse, improved upon it as well!

Come on! Being motivated every singe day? That can hardly be a real thing!

Well, I don’t know! For me, life looks exactly like this! I get up in the morning and have indeed a ton of motivation to spend. Or, to state it out correctly, need to spend the ton of motivation I generated for the day. What? I can not believe you! Liar! You can hardly be motivated every single day! That is not possible! And generating motivation!? Are you mentally unstable?

Sometimes I really think that I am. Honestly, I wake up EVERY SINGLE DAY with a ton of motivation to spend. It’s Sunday morning at 7:15 right now and I am writing this post. I have not set an alarm clock, I haven’t planned on writing this right now. I just woke up and did the same thing that I always do! I do my tasks! One thing after the other! Like a machine? Like a robot? From the outside it must look like that! I have set my goals once and now do EVERYTHING in order to get there! Most of the time people do not understand. They say things like: “You need to relax more! Take a break! Do something ineffective! Waste some time!” But that’s just telling me that they did not get the message. Everything that I am doing makes just so much fun! I simply put do not want to stop! And honestly, there is no reason to stop either! People always advice me to finally go on vacation again! But I do not need a vacation! “Vacation from what? Every single day of my life is a vacation already! I only do the things that I want to do!”

But people, they do not understand. In life, we all need a reason! You go to work in order to do what? Save the world? Help other people? Earn some money? It doesn’t matter what it is, but there is definitely something that “drives” you! Something that motivates you to endure things! You take a seat and fly to the other side of the world? Why? You drink a coffee in the morning? Why? You put on some nice cloths before leaving the house? Why? It doesn’t matter what it is we are doing in our lives, without a reason, we wouldn’t do it!

In this topic week I want to try to introduce you to my world of having endless motivation.

Disclaimer! As cool and fantastic as this might sound, there are also some side effects you should definitely know about! From one day to the other you will simply put do a lot of stuff. Sure, this sounds good at the first time, but can also become a huge burden in someones life. You might start to worry about things you haven’t thought about before. You may realize that “life” as a whole doesn’t make any sense. You might even get to the point where your life so far seems to be a waste of time after all. Therefore, I want to warn you with this paragraph. Having endless motivation every single day is indeed a real thing you can achieve. But it also comes with a price! A price, some people are not willing to pay!

I hope I could tease you a bit for the upcoming posts and got your attention already?! Are you still missing out on some information? What should I focus on in more detail? Just let me know!

See you next time!

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