#448 ENDLESS MOTIVATION – *Topic week 11* – Day 5 – The mindset you need

When winning starts in your head, loosing starts there as well. As some of us might already guessed, endless motivation does not miraculously come out of nowhere from one day to the other. It is the continuous and hard work that attracts it! Sure, you may get really into the zone today and wake up tomorrow morning with a fully charged motivation reservoir. But well, well, well, we all know that these days are quite rare and lose their intensity over time.

You bought yourself those new running shoes and hit the park every single morning before going to work. Well, you still have the shoes, but they haven’t seen the park in a while.

Simply put, we lose our motivation over time!


But it doesn’t come back, right? Motivation is like a drug. You take 5 mg of motivation today in order to get high, but need to consume 50 mg next week in order to get the very same sensation!

But wait a second! If this is really the truth, how can someone have endless motivation? That’s not possible! This would mean that this person might need more and more of it in order to get through the complete day over and over again.

Well, even though that our little thought experiment might be right in its very nature, we tend to forget about some well known facts here. “Use it or loose it!” A well known quote in the fitness branch, but honestly, we can use this in every walk of life. The moment you stop focusing on something, or repeating something, or at least thinking about something. This something gets out of your little bubble and you will eventually forget about it.

Aus den Augen aus dem Sinn
Out of sight, out of mind

German saying

We simply start to forget! Sure, not the ideal thing if you have forgotten your girlfriends birthday or the one year anniversary, but well, at least it helps you on the motivational side of life. Why? Because you can go back to things you have used in the past already. And surprise, surprise. Use the very same thing again, and again and again! And they will not loose their power! They will always work! If you have waited long enough, they will show you their full potential again!

Can you see it already? The end of the rainbow? Endless motivation is a mindset thing! Someone might just say: “Every single morning when I get up, I will wake up with a full motivation storage in the back of my mind!” And most likely nothing will ever happen! The thing about the concept of the endless motivation thing is the fact, that this is not a lottery! You do not take part in this once and may profit from this if you are one of the lucky ones! This will need a daily investment of time, commitment and hard work, but at the same time will give you something back every single day!

Sure, I do not get up with a new ton of motivation every day. But the moment I get up, I do the stuff that gives me the motivation that I need! It’s way better that way, believe me!

I wake up when my alarm is ringing at 5:40 am. I switch on my fancy light and start to walk towards my phone which is located on the other side of the room. Well, I have not even reached the phone to turn off the alarm, but I have already seen my racing simulator and the Porsche 911 pictures hanging on the wall. And honestly, that’s all I need for the day. I imagine waking up to a 911 one day, that waits downstairs in the garage for a fast drive to work. And with this in mind, well, what can possibly go wrong? I drive to work like the most motivated person in the world. I do my stuff, I use my head, I try to improve things, but never forget about the reason why I am doing this! A short look in the front of my backpack pocket, a Porsche 911 1:16 scale model is looking back at me and yells:

“Keep on going! Keep on pushing forward! You are getting closer to me, day by day!”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tomorrow, you will wake up like a king! Like a pro! Like someone who knows exactly what he or she wants this time around in life! In this topic week I tried to explain to you the concept behind the “endless motivation” I experience in my personal life every single day. I hope, that I could make my point and stating out the key elements of it! But sure, maybe I forgot something. Or did not explain it good enough! In case you have any questions, feedback or whatever, please let me know!

Thank you!

In the end, this is something you need to practice! But come on! You have a lot of time for practicing! Just try to get a little bit better today! Just a little bit! Everybody can do that! Therefore, you can do this as well! Push through! It will be worth the effort!

See you next time!

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