#449 Racing is life – S4 E11 – The Road into Motorsport – The 24 Hours of Le Mans

The 24 hours of Le Mans is possibly the most famous endurance race in the world. Sure, in corona times it might loose some of it’s “magic“, when there are only a hand full of people standing next to the track. But come on, this is life! Deal with it!

The fascination about Le Mans? I guess it is the complete package. Those bonkers LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype) and LMP2 cars, combined with the GT Cars from Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin on the track. The shear endless amount of time, twice around the clock. The night and day shifts and of course the ever changing weather conditions.

From an engineering point of view, its always fascinating to see all those cars, going through hell and enduring those tremendous loads. Just imagine the task of the engine, getting forced to accelerate with everything it can, after every single corner, for 24h in a row.

But for sure, it’s not only rough for the equipment! Such a race can become an odyssey for the team as well. Deprivation of sleep, the constant pressure, the physical exhaustion. People are going to their limits, some times even over it!

But sure, this is exactly what we want, right? We love stepping over the line of what seems to be possible! We want more! We want to be faster! We want to be better than all the others!

Will your road into Motorsport lead you towards Le Mans? I guess, we can never be sure! If it is your goal to race there at least once, sure, you will make it! But maybe you just start with something smaller and improve step by step, race by race, season by season?

I guess in the end, Le Mans is a race that will, at least for an amateur race car driver, stay a huge financial burden! In order to get a seat in one of the cars, well, you really need to live financially wise on the sunnier side of life! But of course, if this is your big dream! You will get there eventually! For sure!

Do I want to race there as well? Honestly, I don’t think so! Sure, it would be awesome to blast around with a Porsche between all those professional drivers. But honestly, I have still a long, long way to go until sitting in any kind of a race car, therefore, going to Le Mans might be the ultimate thing somewhere really far down the road. For the moment, I am more than fine with just get going in my own project and practicing on the racing simulator until I will have my first race car some day in the future.

While you are reading this post on this beautiful Sunday morning, the race will be already up to 3/4 over. But still, there is a long, long way to go. A lot of things can happen!

In order to finish first, first you have to finish.

Sir Stirling Moss

Or don’t you remember what happened to the Toyota some couple of years back in time in 2016? Well, you should definitely watch the last lap of the race!

The road into Motorsport might be long, hard and expensive! But come on! This is everything in life! If you will never give up, there is only one outcome possible! Keep up the spirit and make today count!

Le Mans might be a dream for a lot of people out there, but becomes a reality only for a couple of them. But what differentiates these groups of people from each other? Is it the lack of motivation? The lack of will power? The lack of enthusiasm? The lack of financial resources? You can do 99% right, but if you do one single percent wrong, well, this can already be it! It’s over! Get your stuff, we are going home! Your future? We simply don’t know. But if you give 100% of what you have, you can at least say:

Well, I did not make it, but at least I tried my best!

And even this puts you into a very elite circle of people. How often do we really go all in and believe in ourself? How often do we fight for our dreams no matter what? This life is a great chance! But only for the people who take their faith into their own hands! Make today count! It will be worth the effort!

I do not know what you will do today, but I will go back on the racing simulator now. Have an awesome day!

See you next time!

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