#451 FOUR-HUNDRED fifty one days of daily blogging

Sure, it’s not the #450 post today, but come on! “Rules are meant to be broken!” Right? Therefore, lets break some rules today!


This might be the key element for having a successful blog. But sure, this can’t be everything, right? You might also need to say a lot! Especially if you are one of the daily bloggers just like me. But you may also need to entertain your readers. You need to give them something back! Something they would miss otherwise. You need to help them, make their life a little bit easier and provide them with the necessary information in order to improve, or get better or simply learn something new.

Is this project going into the right direction? I guess the answer is:
Hell yes, it is! But check it out yourself!

In the following you can see the statistic of my blog so far. Please notice, that the current month is not over yet.

The clicks
The visitors
The likes
And comments

Especially in the last 50 days I have improved the quality of my blog in quite a way. The new design is just so much cleaner and reader friendly. The home page is actually inviting people to stay on the website and read some more! And sure, my style of writing might have improved over the time as well! The statistic proves what I have already tried to explain, right? The clicks went up again and the visitors, likes and comments followed the same trend. Sure, this month does not look to become a better month then the last one, but let’s see! The month is not over yet.

The biggest achievement is of course the fact, that the blog has hit the 200 follower barrier recently! YAY! 206 followers and counting!

Ok, ok! This thing is indeed getting better and better day by day, but how do I feel about it? How is this thing changing me personally? I am just kidding of course! Sure, from my point of view the blog is indeed skyrocketing through the roof! But come on! Other people have millions of followers out there, right!? Well, I don’t care! I am more than satisfied with the current statistic! I get better day by day and honestly, this is the only thing that counts!

Of course it would be great if this thing would really go through the roof one day, opening up totally new chances and opportunities for me and the projects I have. But I guess there is just so much out there that I still need to learn. I mean come on! I definitely need more traffic on my website, but simply put can’t manage to get it yet. Sure, someone might just say, that people will find out about it and share the content with the world. The world? Well, ok! Lets rather say their best friends! But even that doesn’t really seem to happen. I need more people on this blog that do not have a background in blogging or indeed their own blog projects at hand. I guess I should start to get going in the social media game.

But sure, in order to gain more traction, the people will demand even more input. They want to know more about me, the person behind the blog. They want to know stories about my private life, how I live, what I do and stuff like that! But I guess, I am not ready for that! I just do not feel like sharing my private life with the world yet.

This project is moving in the right direction and that is everything that counts, right? Step by stay, day by day, blog post by blog post. Some 452 days ago I did not even know that I would have a blog one day. Well, today, I can’t even imagine a life without one. It’s just so much better! But well, if you do not believe me, why don’t you start your own daily blog and figure this out on your own?

What’s one of the first things programmers do when they learn to program? Right! They write a program where the computer says: “HELLO WORLD!”

Well, here is my world!


Well, it’s not the complete world yet, true! But maybe you know someone who knows someone, who lives in one of the grey countries on my map and wants to visit my blog one day? That would be awesome! Right now I count 62 countries. Well, looks like I am still missing 2/3 of the world 🙈😂

A short overview!

2800 visitors


This project has already exceeded everything I thought it would become. It has become just such an important thing in my life already, that I do not want to life without it ever again.

With that said, I guess it is time to end todays post! Thank you to each and everyone who is supporting me on my mission!

See you next time, as I always say!

See you next time!

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