#452 Meditation 4.0 – S3 E6 – Introducing a new technique: “Breathing Motivation”

Should you have a daily meditation practice? One that is becoming a part of your daily routine? Or should you prevent this situation from occurring with everything you can?

When it comes to the topic of meditation, I guess everybody has a different goal in mind. Some just want to calm down, relax a bit, or looking for an alternative activity to their busy day to day life, while others might look in motivation for something completely different.

Breathing motivation? What are you even talking about?

While sitting here on this uncomfortable cushion on the floor of my room and trying to do my meditation practice, there are two things coming to mind that are just the most annoying things about meditation! Sitting around and having the feeling to waste a lot of time.

Do meditate, they told you! It will be fun!
But I guess they forgot to mention the back pain, the boredom and the rising feeling inside that demands from you to stop this nonsense once and for all!

Simply put, I can do a 30 minutes meditation practice, for sure! Sitting on an uncomfortable cushion, feeling my back starting to tension up and my legs falling asleep the moment I am really into the process. But the outcome is neither really convincing, nor productive or anything like that. Sure, my body had a little bit of rest, but come on, this doesn’t make any fun, I could have the same “calming” effect after watching a Youtube video!

You are right of course, I could live with this fact until I die, but well, that is just not me anymore! Why should I do something that is obviously not as good as it is claimed to be? This makes absolutely no sense!

I sit in the office all the time, why should I sit in my meditation practice as well? Why can’t I lay down, or stand up? Well, in fact, I can! It’s just my mindset that seems to tell me over and over again, that I am not supposed to do it that way. That I need to sit!


… is a totally new approach towards meditating I tried recently and got pretty much bitten by the bug. Instead of sitting down on something uncomfortable, you will stand on your feet all the time. Instead of being at one place only, you are allowed to move and see other things. You can walk in circles, in your apartment, or in the park outside! Do whatever you want. Instead of closing your eyes, your eyes need to be wide open. Instead of doing nothing. You are holding an e-book, or a real book in your hands. Instead of being silent, you read the book aloud. Sentence after sentence. Slowly, but very accurately. Just imagine being the narrator for the audiobook version of this particular book you are holding in your hands. You will need to speak loud and clearly. And soon, you will realize how exhausting this actually is. You need to control your breath work, finding a breathing rhythm that goes along with the writing style of the author.

But sure, the key component is the book you might read! For a start, I can suggest you an all time favorite of mine, called “The obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday.

And then, instead of “wasting” my time in an uncomfortable body position, I will just stand there, reading the next chapter as clearly and loud as possible. The moment you will do that, the world around you seems to disappear. You dive deep into a different world and your mind seems to wander around, trying to make sense of what you are reading right now. Sure, you can allow your mind to do so, but you can also try to avoid this under any circumstances. In the end, you will not be able to deny, that in fact, you have absorbed the book in a much more deeper way and in fact calmed down a little bit while doing so.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Why that fancy name? I guess, this is getting clear to you after the first few sessions already. Its just so exhausting to read in such a focused state of mind, that you will start to breath more heavily, while you are sucking in the motivation that comes out of the book you are holding right in front of your eyes.

Breathing motivation, an alternative to the classical meditation practice. And sure, sometimes you really do not want to read something. I can understand! But nobody said that you need to do this all the time! You can always combine different techniques and do whatever you feel like doing!

A lot of people out there seem to only look for the methods and strategies that are already proven and sound. But come on! Where is your entrepreneurial spirit? If you invest only in the companies that already made it to the top, well, you will more likely loose your money than gaining anything! No risk, no profit?! What do you have to loose? You reputation? Come on! Nobody needs to see you doing it!

Breathing motivation, the alternative meditation practice for people that cannot afford to waste too much of their valuable time with unimportant things like sitting down and doing nothing.

Have fun practicing! And sure, why don’t you read blog posts instead of books when doing it? They are most likely pretty short and easy to access.

See you next time!

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