#453 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E14 – Believe in yourself

There comes a time in everybody’s life, when we need to decide. Either we continue this life halfheartedly like we have wasted it so far, or we might finally start to change something and get going in order to reach our goals. Too many people out there seem to do not want to struggle in life! They think that there is always a shortcut! A life hack! A loophole that will prevent them from actually working hard and really long, until they will truly master this specific field of interest. They want to be comfortable! Always staying within their comfort zone. But come on, we both know that this will not actually help us in order to move on in life! This will just make us more soft and weak!

Sure, we think that we have everything under control, but is this really how our life looks like? I highly doubt that! We do not do what we want to do, but rather what we have to do. You have a job? Well, what are you doing at your workplace? You are doing the stuff your employer is expecting from you? Or do you do more than this? Do you think outside the box, so to speak? Try to make things better? Figuring out solutions for problems others haven’t even noticed yet?

Looking at people in general, I guess, we can instantly see the wide spread diversity in the peoples mindsets and the way they look at things in life! I am not trying to tell you what you should change in your life in order to have success, I am just telling you that you might have the wrong mindset towards things right now.

We all know the 9 to 5 warriors that bravely do their jobs! Of course they do their jobs! But the moment the clock turns 5, they are gone for the day, while others seem to spend much more time at work. Right? Sure, someone could argue that it’s not about the amount of time you spend at work, but instead about the effectiveness and efficiency of those hours. But I guess we both now, what people are thinking! These days I start to work at around 6:15 am. Sure, people do not know about it. They just see me leaving work quite early at around 2 pm. But as I already said, it’s never about that! You can spend 24h a day at work and will not perform better than someone else with just six of them.

What do I want to say with that? If you would start to believe in yourself, the door of opportunity will always stay open to you! Instead of trying to please others, you should ask yourself what you really want! If you do not believe in yourself and what you are doing, well, what does it matter if you leave work early or late? You will not perform at the maximum anyways.

Photo by Myicahel Tamburini on Pexels.com

Everyone can spend 8 hours at work easily, talking with colleagues all day long until it is time to go home. But is this really helping you to get going in life? I guess, each and everyone of us needs to answer this question by themselves.

Whatever motivates you, if you do not believe in yourself, well, I guess you can already stop doing what you do. You will not endure it anyways! You will just stop midway. Giving up! Quit! Without a burning desire and the commitment to actually go for it no matter what, I guess the story is already written!

If you do not truly believe in something, you can not endure anything. Just think about out all these poor fellows, that are paying for their monthly gym membership even without actually going there. Or the people that complain about their lives all the time but are not willing to change even the slightest of things. Those people, well, they do not believe in themselves. Sure, they believe in something! They might be very nice and kind people, but the truths is, they will never reach their goals. Not because they don’t want to, or because they do not try hard enough. But only because they do not believe in themselves. They do something, sure! But it’s just not the same. And it will never be the same!

If I could give my younger self an advise, it would be this. Believe more in yourself and do not listen too much to the stuff, the naysayers and doubters of this world are saying. You can reach everything you want! But the moment you do not even believe in yourself, well, the story is already over. That was it! Get your stuff, we are going home!

Just take a minute or two and think about your current goals in life. What have you done today, that helped you in order to get one step closer to your goals? Do you get up in the morning and feel confident to rock this thing? Or do you wake up with a soft underbelly, already looking for the loophole why today isn’t the perfect day to keep on pushing.

In this life, you can do whatever you want to do. Nobody knows what might be the right or what might be wrong. But if there is one thing we definitely know, then it is the fact that you need to believe in yourself!

See you next time!

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