#384 Life Coaching – S1 E6 – What do you want?

A couple of days ago I was taking some time off and just thought about my life for a while. What have I done so far? What was good, what was bad? Where do I see myself in the future? Am I still on the right path?

With my current life goals having been defined on the 07.05.2017, I am still pretty much on course three years later.

You can check out my goals here.

Looking at my vision board so far, I can already see how the big puzzle is slowly starting to find it’s way together.

I have defined my goals more than three years back in time. But it is just amazing how the law of attraction works. I am doing my master even though I was not really sure about doing it. I started this daily blog project, even though I had no clue what to do. I started to write a book. I was driving the formula student race car. I have a racing simulator at home. And the list goes on and on.

But why is this running so good? Is it a coincident? Did I accidentally made the decisions that lead me to this very spot in life, or was it me? Am I responsible for all of this? Have I changed my future the moment I defined my goals on this 07.05.2017?

The law of attraction works, not because the universe loves you, but because you can reach everything you want. Everyday I get up and do what? I go through my goals and define what I will do today, in order to reach my goals one day in the future!

Step by step! Day by day!

I know exactly what I want, and guess what, this is making my life so much easier. But what about you? Do you know what you want?

Can you show me your goals in life? Can you tell me exactly what you want? And more importantly when you want to reach it?

In life, we meet a lot of different people. But how many do you know that seem to be on a mission? How many of them dedicate there life to something and just do it, whatever it takes?

Nobody said it would be easy! But if you really want something, you can get it! This is the law of attraction! And god, it works! All the time! Every time!

I am not quite sure if you will understand this all or not, but please, do me one favor. Take some time and think about what you are currently doing in life. Look at your daily routines, your hobbies and interests. Look at all of these things and tell me if that is already exactly what you expect from life or not.

Life is fucking short. The sooner you understand this, the better. Therefore, use your time and focus on your goals. You can relax more than enough once you are death.

Your homework: Figure out what you want from this life and write it down!

What you need is a contract! Define your goals and start to dedicate every split second of your life to reaching them.

See you next time!

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