#383 Learning – S2 E5 – Studying at University – How to study from home – Introduction

“Corona, lockdown, shops closed, whatever!”

We have all heard about these things. But how long will it take until we can say “life is normal again”? A couple of weeks, months, or years? We simply don’t know.

With universities being a hotspot for the virus because of various reasons. For example a lot of people at one place, international guests, students that work in companies part time and so on. Universities need to be very careful in order to not end up becoming the worldwide known Corona University, where thousands of people got infected.

Therefore, most of the courses and projects need to be done from home. “Stay at home” is the motto, but definitely easier said than done. The last couple of months have already shown that.

But the show must go on! Life must go on! Your studies must go on.

Therefore, the most common practice these days is a home studying project, where students can access any information they need online. From live courses with professors, to audio and video material. From online scrips, to virtual classrooms. From projects to self studying, everything needs to be done at home.

Self organized, without a regular schedule, situations some people might be familiar with, but others don’t. Are you the person in control? Or do you simply follow your instincts? Are you the organized nerd from the first row, or the guy in the back, checking your social media feeds all the time?

While for some this new situation might in fact be really great. Others seem to struggle a bit more. They feel overwhelmed by the situation. They do hardly anything for university because there are so many distractions. They lose their focus, motivation and energy.

You decided to skip this semester, going back to university after the summer? Well, is that really such a good idea? Do you think that the next semester will be different? Do you think that you will be back at university? Hanging around in the library without masks? Good luck with that.

But I don’t see this coming very soon. Therefore, you are better getting used to this new situation.

What you are missing is the inner drive to move on. To do things on your own. To organize your stuff and schedule your time. Would you say, that you are more productive because of corona? Do you use more of your time for the better, or are you simply wasting it as usual?

Sure, structure is not everything. But you can hardly do all of the work in the last week. I mean sure, technically you can, but I wouldn’t recommend that! Therefore, what you need is a plan! A simple plan that is leading you through time. With the exam phase in sight, well, this could be too late already, but it’s never really too late. It’s just getting more difficult.

If you are not in control of your own life, studying at home might be really difficult. Without the pressure you usually experience, you might find yourself lost in this new acquired freedom.

But you can change that, at least if you really want to.

  • Organize your life = A schedule is what you need
  • Implement a studying routine = do something every day
  • Look for the things that motivate you = life is supposed to be fun
  • Think about your long term goals = what would your future self would say about you right now?

Struggling because of the situation as it is? I can understand that. But the only person that can change this is you. Not the virus, not your parents, not the government. But instead just you!

You are the key!

To be continued …

See you next time!

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