#382 Fascination PORSCHE – S1 E4 – Why PORSCHE?

A good question, indeed! What does a car need to be able to drive? Four tires, an engine, a gearbox, a seat, a steering wheel, some brakes and some petrol? That’s something other car manufacturers can deliver as well. But what makes a PORSCHE so special?

For me as an engineer, for sure, I understand all of the technical details and stuff. But still, come on! It’s just a car! Something to get from point A to point B and back the other way.

Is it really just a car? Sure, technically it is. But it doesn’t feel like that! Recently I got the honor to drive a 911 for two days. Sure, a 911 991.1 turbo S might not be the entry level PORSCHE everyone can afford, or actually want to afford, but the experience was mind blowing.

Sure, this thing is just a car, just a machine, something to drive from one point to the other and back. We already got that. But the feedback you get, the driving performance, the way it looks and the way it feels. It’s just something else.

You have no interest in cars and such, well, for you, even after driving one, it will most likely stay just that, a car. And believe it or not, but it will stay like this until the end of your life. It doesn’t matter how hard you try or how many times you will drive a PORSCHE. You will not get it.

But for all the others that have a kind of a sense for proportions, technical machines and driving techniques, well, you will experience a life changing moment as soon as you start up a Porsche and go for a spin.

Do I recommend you to give it a try? Honestly, you should reconsider this first! I mean, it’s a lot of money! You could spend it with so many other things. But the moment you want one, it will be too late already! Your life will only get more difficult from that. Why? Because every single second of your life will be dedicated to getting one.

Sure, other cars drive good as well! But who cares about other cars, right? For me, it made just “klick”. Of course, I know the PORSCHE history quite well, being really deep into the engineering and racing and stuff, but you do not need to be an engineer in order to understand these cars. Modern car setups are so forgiving, you will not lose the car as easy as you might would have lost the older once. And luckily no-one can afford the old once anyways these days.

What makes a PORSCHE so special? Is it the way it drives? The way it communicates with you? The way it smells? The way it performs?

It is just all of that combined. Driving this 911 was exactly how I imagined it to be.

With PORSCHES, it is quite simple. Either you got it and understand what I am talking about, or you don’t. PORSCHE’s speak for themself. If you haven’t driven one, you will not understand.

See you next time!

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