#25 The start of my summer holiday

Summer, sun and the ocean, relaxing at the pool, laying in the sun, just doing nothing? Well, for most of us, this sounds like heaven. For me, this is hell on earth! If I would believe in the existence of a hell, this would be it. I would be forced to just lay there and do nothing. They would give me an ice cold drink, some snacks and a bunch of suncream. And then, I need to lay there and I am not allowed to do anything constructive …

Speaking about things like this, I realize, that I am different. Some would say “strange”, but I prefer different.

Of course, I could relax for one day at the pool! Ok, that was a lie! I can not even relax for one complete day. But if I would really really try … ok, you are right! No chance! I can not do this! And do you know why? Because I don’t want to! Of course I can afford to waste one complete day with doing literally nothing but is this getting me closer to my goals? I don’t think so!

So what are you going to do?

I will just go on with my life. But, with the small advantage, that I do not need to work, therefore, I can do even more of my free time activities. Being in a formula student team, this will also consume quite some time, because of an event that is coming up in the next weeks but we will see.

How long is your holiday?

I have nearly four weeks! 🙂 YAYYY!!! Quite some time to do something!

What are your goals for this holiday?

Like every summer holiday in the last years, I use it to do the yearly revisit of the book that changed my life. “The law of success!”, but I also work on other things, like keeping track of my current goals, planning the next half year, keeping up with some friends and trying to get some new energy for the last phase of my bachelor thesis. I will also work on the thesis of course, trying to get as much of the basics done as possible.

“Good for you! But why are you talking about this?”

I talk about this, because you are probably having a rest from your daily routine as well? Maybe you have some weeks off? Visiting another country? A town? Or maybe some friends? What ever you are doing, you can use these weeks, days, long weekends, or what ever it is, that you are having, to make a status update of your current life.

Just take some time, a couple of hours are more than enough. Switch off all the distractions and think about your goals and the way you are currently working on them. Try to figure out what is going well and what isn’t going well. What makes fun? And what makes no fun at all? What did you wanted to start, or do, but you haven’t started yet? What worked well, what didn’t? Where do you see more potential? Where should you invest less time? And where more time? Are your plans still helping you to get from where you are today, to who you want to become tomorrow?

Make some notes, document the status and define some measures to work on this in the future. You need to constantly improve the way of doing things. You don’t want to be stuck at a certain plateau! Your journey isn’t over yet! So please, do me a favor and actually do this! It will help you much more than reading a book, or listen to what others have to say. Even reading this blog post isn’t helping you as much as a regular update about your life and the status of your big project called life! Because life is all about you! Not about me! Not about your friends! Or your family! Your life is in your hands! You are changing your life in the way, you want it to be changed! You are the one, to blame! Not the others! So, just do something! And why not try this out?

Oh and of course, if you don’t have a plan and do not know what you want in life, even the law of attraction thing can not help you!

See you next time!

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