#39 Passion, Motivation & Mindset -Season 1 Episode 6 – the spirit of places

Sitting in the paddock of the Hockenheim Ring in Germany, this seems to be the right spot to write about this topic.

Today is the second day of Formula Student Germany (FSG). We arrived yesterday early in the morning and will stay here until the end of the week. Due to the fact, that the pits are open for us to work on the cars, we can actually walk and work in the pit lane.

Hockenheim Ring

For others, this is just a race track, but for me, this is something else. Having driven docent of hours on this track on the racing sim and of course visited some races in the last couple of years, standing here in the pit lane is an incredible feeling.

If you want to find motivation, visiting special places that are related to your topic of interest can actually help you to keep pushing forward.

Standing in the pit lane and looking at the empty stands surrounding the track, the spirit of motorsport is no longer just a saying but becomes reality. For me as a motorsport enthusiast this is heaven. Because this is the place where motorsport history has been written and of course will be written in the future.

Because of the reason that this race track is the closest one to my home, I guess I will get my first real race track driving experience here on this track as well.

So how is this working, this motivation thing?

This is working because of the connection we create with a certain place. Being in a library and seeing all those motivated people around you, you instantly want to join them with studying. That is the reason why so many people actually go there to study. For others, they enjoy visiting holy places, antic architecture or world famous buildings. It doesn’t matter what it is that moves you, just find it out and use it to your advantage.

Hockenheim Ring

Ok, but how often does it work?

For me personally, it is working all the time, because of the reason, that I do not visit such places quite often. Without the routine, it is pretty effective! But once this awesome building or place has become a part of your day to day life, the magical power will be losing its effect.

Therefore, you should use it wisely. Do not just do it everyday, or every week, but instead use it to your advantage in the right way, for the right situation.

See you next time!

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