#40 Language learning – Season 1 Episode 6 – The importance of English

Having already talked about language learning quite often in this series, we never actually talked about the importance of different languages in a direct comparison.

Considering English as “the international language” it is of course obvious, that we can not argue with this point. English is right now the most important language and this will stay that way for a very long time.

Being at the German formula student event right now, I can experience this at first hand. With teams coming from all over the world, communication can get pretty difficult. With English as the benchmark, this not a problem anymore, because everybody can actually speak English. Sometimes not on the same level as a native speaker but that is not really necessary anyway. You can always figure something out to find a way to show or explain what you are talking about.

But why is English so important for me?

English is important for you, because it will help you in communication. Of course we can argue, that there is a much higher amount of people speaking other languages than English, but generally speaking, the chances are much higher to get help or figure something important out if you are able to speak at least the English language.

Having said this, I do not want you to stop learning a language that you are really interested in and focus on something you are not interested in at all, but rather give you the hint, to consider adding at least the basics of the English language to your portfolio.

Besides the fact that English is a very easy language to learn, there is also quite a lot of stuff online, that will help you to find a lot of language learning material.

English in the business world

With the globalization, English became a necessary tool, everybody needs to carry around in order to become successful. This is due to the fact, that your partners, colleagues and employees are most likely not speaking the same native language as you do. Being able to speak, write and understand English on a very high level will therefore not only increase your chances on the market, but also will open you doors and opportunities that you really do not want to miss in your life.

But is English the only language you need?

We will talk about this in the future.

See you next time!

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