#43 The road to success – Week 32/2019

FSG is over. Finally.

The last couple of weeks were highly stressful for me, but at least this is over now, therefore, I will have more sleep and definitely more time for my other hobbies in the future.

The data. My week was as always very packed with formula student stuff. This will change, starting from tomorrow.

Life in circles
Life in circles

Reflect to Improve

What did I learn this week?

  • There is no team without leaders
  • To be a real team, there is more then just wearing the same shirt
  • My decision making process should be improved

How did the goals from last week work?

  • I am just a little bit disappointed, but actually it wasn’t that hard to be not able to participate in any dynamic event

Top three goals for next week!

  • Read the “Law of success”
  • Work on my bachelor thesis
  • Write down important things for the preparation of the next formula student season

See you next time!

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