#44 The restart post – short, sharp & sexy

Having spend the last two weeks with formula student, I didn’t had much time for writing, but a lot of time for thinking. This is what I figured out.”

Time is one of the most valuable things in my life. Devoting a certain amount of my time for writing this blog is legit, at least if it doesn’t consume too much time.

Time should be one of the most valuable things in your life. Devoting a certain amount of your time for reading this blog is legit, at least if it doesn’t consume too much time.

In the past, my posts were too long.

I posted too often. (every day)

I changed the topic too frequently.

I couldn’t reach the depths I wanted to explore.

The result of this situation is clear. I invested a lot of time, you invested a lot of time and in the end, it is all a waste of time? No, not a total waste of time, but not really efficient neither.

How can I tell you my story in a much more efficient way?”

That is the question I want to answer right now.

Being outspoken, intelligent, good looking and really really handsome, I am neither the one thing, nor the other, but have at least your attention back.

Reducing the length of posts was already a goal of mine but besides my “The road to success” series, all those posts are still way too long. Therefore, I will change this for the future.

Instead of long and boring posts, we will have razor-sharp posts.

Instead of general topics, we will dive really deep into the topics

Instead of telling long stories, we will only have short ones.

Starting from now on, the posts will be shorter, with a higher density of information and on point. No trash talking, no elongated pieces, just a guy telling you about his life.

Short, Sharp, Sexy

That is how this thing will go on. Short blogs with razor-sharp arguments and information.

Form follows function. Excellent design is beautiful. Blog posts are supposed to be sexy! Sex sells!

If you are still interested, you can follow me on my journey.

See you next time!

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