#55 FEAR – *Topic week 1* – Day 5 – Fearless

In order to become fearless, you need to fear less. #Lifehack

Well, that’s it for today! I guess we can all go home now. Wish you a good day!

Mhh … sometimes, words make me think. Is that coincidence, or was someone really that clever and created this word combination with this in mind?

If someone knows that, please let me know!

Is it possible to be fearless? Do you think that there is someone living in this world right now? And if this is the case, how does the life of someone like this look like?

Sleeping in a room full of poisonous spiders? Base jumping to the ground instead of taking the elevator? Crossing the street without checking? Cycling without wearing a helmet? Leaving the bike without locking it? Wearing the jacket from last season? Posting a picture of the untidy flat on instagram? Telling him or her at the first date everything about this strange foot fetish?

Life must be awesome! Or am I wrong? Is that too much?

I have the conversation with Mr. Fear in mind. He told me to have a healthy connection to my fears.

Living without fears? A dream, or just as miserable has having a lot of fears?

Black or white? The chicken or the egg?

Why isn’t there a solution in the middle?

The more I think about the topic of fear, the further I get from my view I had five days ago. Life without fears is just boring or short, in case of forgetting the parachute after jumping out of the helicopter. But let’s stay with boring. If you wouldn’t be afraid of anything, it would be all so easy. The things will loose their importance. It all gets numb.

For years I prepare myself for taking part at the 24h race of the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Having fear is maybe the wrong word, but let’s say respect is something you will develop quite frequently after having seen the track. If I would be to 100% fearless, why should I compete there? Where is the reason for driving for 24h in circles if this wouldn’t be hard, exhausting, fearful and all those other things?

My conclusion for this week:

Life is supposed to be fun and exciting. In order to enjoy life at its best, we need to have a purpose!

No purpose in life = No reason to exist

Suffering is a part of life, but only to a certain extent. Unnecessary suffering should be forbidden! In my life, I experience way too much of this “unnecessary suffering”! What is the reason for this? I am the reason for this! So, who can I blame? ME!

My homework is clear now! I need to work on my fears, in order to make life a better place for me.

The End!

And this is it! That was the first “topic week”! I hope you liked it? Please, feel free to give me some feedback!

I will start, if this is ok for you? For me personally, this was way better than jumping around like a rabbit on ecstasy, as we have done in the past. One post can actually build up on the other and create a kind of mega blog in the end. Five blog posts is kind of the right length for a topic, because I wasn’t neither feeling to have nothing left to say, nor did I deleted thousands of written pages. So, I guess the length of five posts is fine!

Do you have a topic we should tackle in one of the next topic weeks? Just let me know! Until then!

See you next time!

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