#54 FEAR – *Topic week 1* – Day 4 – Do you really want to overcome your fears?

Yesterday we talked about making the first step and analyzed our fears. Today, we want to take the next step in oder to conquer them!

How willing are you to actually work on this?

“Time heals all wounds”

This is a saying, you probably have heard more than once in your life. And do you know what? It is actually true. Time really heals all wounds. But not necessarily because those wounds actually heal, but rather because you simply forget about them. In this case, this is of course something good. Coming out of a long relationship or having lost a person that was close to you? Time will help you to forget. Of course, you do not want to forget. But that is life.

But for our situation, this can be considered as being really really bad! If time will make us forget. And overcoming fears will take some time, we are facing a huge problem, because we will forget about our goals before we are reaching them.

What about writing it on the wall? Or using some post its? Good idea! But not really practical, to be honest!

Even better than writing something down, is letting it become a part of you!

We will not make fancy notes, contracts with ourself or otherwise fancy stuff crazy people like we would do, but simply make it a habit to work against those fears.

The secret power of a daily routine has been already stated out in #3 Daily habits – the power of your routine. Please go back, if you have skipped that one.

So, let’s do this!


Can you invest one minute of your valuable time, every single day, in order to tackle your worst enemies in life?

I think so!

Starting today, we take one minute out of our time.

Please take your phone and set a timer. I know! We don’t want to invest too much time! Of course! There needs to be some space in your life! I know! For your social media, your TV series, or what ever you are doing. I can not understand you, but I will accept it.

One minute is enough anyways!

Close your eyes. And then just go from one fear to the other. Step by step. I do not want you to say anything, or do anything! Just go from one fear to the other.

“… the fear of having an exam, the fear of loosing my job, …”

Just get through your fears.

How is this supposed to help?

Good question! Well, it is actually a life hack, I found out years ago. In order to endure something and really keep on going, every single day, this motivation needs to come from within. It can not be externally send to you! I would do it if I could, I mean, not for free, but I would do it!

I can stand here and talk to you all day long! We can have the most competent person on this subject area joining our conversation. He or she can even give you the whole process in very tiny tiny and doable steps. Telling you every single secret. Just the whole way from A to Z! But it will still not help you! Because that is not what you need! This is not what you want!

I do not want you to follow my rules, or what ever I am saying, because this is worthless! In order to help yourself, the drive must come from within! From you!

Your life! Your motivation!

My only hope is, to lead you to that point, where you are repeating your fears over and over and over again, until you reach this important point in your life, when it finally makes click!

And then, you know exactly which fears you need to tackle!

Maybe that is not what you expected! Maybe you wanted to hear the whole process! I am truly sorry, but this is a journey, every single one of us needs to go through by themself.

How do they describe it in this movie called “The secret?” It goes very similar like this.

“You do not need to see the whole way from point A to point B when driving in the night. You just need the next 50 meters.”

I am giving you the next fifty meters! Now, you can start! But I can not guide you all the way! That is not my job! That is yours, my friend!

In order to overcome our fears, we need to find the motivation within ourself!

See you next time!

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