#53 FEAR – *Topic week 1* – Day 3 – Let the battle begin

Fear, anxiety, concern, worry, doubt …

Fear can have various names, but what ever kind of word we are using, it basically means all the same.

The question is of course not how to name these fears in the best way possible, but rather how to conquer and overcome them.

As Napoleon Hill describes it in his book “The law of success” in 1928.

Plant in your mind the seed of DETERMINATION to whip your Six Basic Fears and the battle will have been half won then and there. Keep this intention in your mind and it will slowly push your Six Worst Enemies out of sight, as they exist nowhere except in your own mind.

Napoleon Hill, The law of success

Of course you want to know the so called Six Basic Fears. They are according to Napoleon Hill …
… the fear of poverty
… the fear of death
… the fear of ill-health
… the fear of the loss of love
… the fear of old age
… the fear of criticism

Have the determination to whip those fears out of your life. In order to succeed you need to step forward. Every single day! Remembering the endless step from #3? One step at a time! Everything that holds you back needs to be removed, cut, or otherwise burned out of your life.

Analyze your fears

In order to remove those fears out of your life, you first of all need to analyze them. Where do they come from? What do they want from you? You need to figure out if they are constructive or destructive in nature and if they are preventing you from reaching your goals or not?

Having the luxury to have gathered quite an impressive amount of fears, I have at least no lack of material that needs to be analyzed. Of course the more general fears, like the fear of death, or the fear of old age require a more sensible analyzation process, while other fears can be traced back to their root causes quite easily.

For example, I am afraid of falling off a motorcycle in the rain, which can be directly linked to my motorbike accident I had in the past. Due to the fact, that I stopped riding motorbikes, at least in this life, four years ago, there is not actually a need to tackle this issue right now, but rather put this on the line and focus on other fears that are really effecting me every single day.

A huge issue I have developed over the last 3 years is the fear of having gastrointestinal problems directly after eating. Or stated in another way, that my body just revolts against the stuff I am eating and causes me to spend the next couple of hours in the restroom. That is quite an example, am I right? What often times helps to get those pictures out of your head again is closing your eyes and saying at least three times aloud: “Katzenbabys, Katzenbabys, Katzenbabys”!


But back to the point I am trying to make here. This fear resonates out of the fact, that I couldn’t and still can not really say what causes my problems. Even the doctors have no clue, therefore, I just somehow figured out a way how to deal with this, which works actually sometimes quite good and sometimes simply put miserable, but life can go on, somehow.

Of course this has the side effect, that I constantly live with that fear, that I will have those problems in situations where I really do not want them at all. Let’s say when I have a presentation in front of an audience, when I need to take an exam or being at a business dinner. In my case just being afraid is not even everything, because this really has an effect on my body, not only in the physical way, but also on the mental side.

Let’s analyze this!

It can be a food intolerance, or a form of it, but it can also be just my imagination, or my subconscious mind that causes those issues because of high stress, a general nervousness, or even the struggle with other fears. Or maybe even a combination of all of this. What ever it is, it attacks me mentally, physically and looking at this from a wider angle, it kind of destroys a lot of my life quality.

But how do we tackle something like this?

In the book, “The obstacle is the way” by Ryan Holiday we can get some further information. As we already discussed in #26 Trouble shooting, we can actually do something against our fears.

Most of the time when I am in those situations, I do not only suffer from those problems, but actually experience to be in a kind of panicking mode. In order to get back the control over this issue, I need to start right there!

So panic has to be trained out. And it does not go easily.

The obstacle is the way, Ryan Holiday

That would be the first step. Getting to know the art of not panicking. I need to keep it calm. I need to become the master of my mind. But how do I do that?

Fear is in this case caused, at least to a certain extent, by the part of the uncertainty. I do not know if my body tolerates this meal or not, therefore I simply put freak out about this fact, before I have even tried a single piece of it. What this fact is of course doing, is totally clear. My whole system will not function in the “normal mode” and the result of not tolerating the food isn’t a huge surprise anymore. The placebo effect will be happy to be responsible for this!

What I need to do is to tackle those two points, the first is my lack of getting my shit together and do not freak out and the second point is to work against the uncertainty factor.

… being able to not freak out, even in high stress situations
… work against the uncertainty factor with finding out which type of food I tolerate and which type I do not

That wasn’t too hard. I guess, we can all analyze our fears in such a way. If we really want to. And looking back at this particular fear we were talking about, now it seems like not that big of an issue anymore. I mean, it is still there, don’t get me wrong on this, but now I know how to actually work on this. And that is exactly what Napoleon Hill wanted to tell us in 1928. Remembering the quote from the beginning? Here it is again.

Plant in your mind the seed of DETERMINATION to whip your Six Basic Fears and the battle will have been half won then and there. Keep this intention in your mind and it will slowly push your Six Worst Enemies out of sight, as they exist nowhere except in your own mind.

Napoleon Hill, The law of success

The battle will have been half won then and there.” And this, ladies and gentlemen! This”then and there“! This is right now! This is the present! Over 90 years later this is the moment Mr. Hill has waiting for! Ok! Maybe not! Maybe, he hasn’t, but don’t destroy my moment! Please! Let’s just assume! Just for a couple of minutes!

You are asking yourself, who the fuck is Napoleon Hill? Maybe you should read his book. Here is my post about “#5 The book that changed my life”.

But enough about this for today.

See you next time!

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