#52 FEAR – *Topic week 1* – Day 2 – A surprisingly personal conversation with Mr. Fear

Dear Mr. Fear,

I would lie if I would say, that we haven’t been in contact for a while, but I never really asked you something about your personal life. Being so selfish and only focus on my own life, I tend to forget about you all together and I am truly sorry for this. I hope we can still be friends? Just cross out:
yes [_], no [_]
I got you, you are asking yourself: “Why is this poor fellow man writing to me? What does he want?” And yes, you are right. Life must be really though if someone writes you a letter, but actually life is pretty good. It is not that I am trapped in a corner and can not figure out a way of your claws, but rather quite the opposite. Life is fine these days, therefore I want to use the time I have and prepare for when it is getting rough and dirty again. Having never ever actually spoken with you about this general topic of fear, I would like to invite you for a short interview? Are you in?

Best regards,
One of your best clients

Interview with Mr. Fear

Me: Hello Mr. Fear. I would like to start this round with a big thank you for your attendance this morning. How are you?

Mr. Fear: Good morning. I am fine, thanks! It was a little bit cold for me this morning and I forgot my jacket, but that is ok.

Me: Great! Yes, you are right. It really was a little bit cold this morning and I feared I would catch a cold.

Mr. Fear: Got you! haha

Me: Not funny, Mr. Fear. Speaking about this morning, how was your journey? Was there much traffic?

Mr. Fear: Oh no, the journey was fine! I love traveling, you know. You can switch off from your day to day business and just relax.

Me: Good to hear. How is someone in a position like you traveling?

Mr. Fear: This has recently changed. In the past, I had a chauffeur, his name was Henry. He drove me in a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud for the last fifty years, but nowadays with all that work to do, we need to safe some money. Can you believe it, they gave me a Tesla Model S with an autopilot. “This is safer than letting old Henry drive!”, they told me, but what do they think? That I will have the fear of dying? HAHAHAHAHA

Me: Oh, I see. Yeah, it seems like we all need to make cut backs in the business world these days. You mentioned that your work load has been increased a lot recently. Why is this the case?

Mr. Fear: Don’t you know that? In the past, most of the people had some general fears, like the fear of death, ill-health, or poverty. Of course we had some “special costumers” as well, but even those people would just add some more fears to their portfolio, but not in the way, people are doing this today. What is happening to mankind? Are they all mentally mad? People these days have fears, I have never even heard before! Can you believe it? I needed to google them in order to make them feel fearful. I even mixed up some of those modern fears and people reacted with the “fear of having fears against fear reactions for things they do not even fear”. What are they doing!!

Me: Interesting, really interesting. I mean, I would lie to you, if I do not mention my huge fear collection I have gathered over the years, but I guess, you already checked my profile before having this interview. As I already mentioned in my letter, I would like to ask you some question about the general topic of fear. Yesterday, I started a new project on my blog, where I will talk about fear for the whole week. And why don’t just have this conversation with you? I mean, if you do not know it, who should answer these questions?

Mr. Fear: Yes, you are properly right, that I am the best man for this job, so don’t be fearful, just ask. I will not bite!

Me: Great. Ok, let’s start this off with this question. Was fear always a companion of people on this planet?

Mr. Fear: A good question, Sir. Well, let’s make a time travel to the early beginning of mankind. People living in caves, men hunt and women pick berries. Not the best thing to say in this modern time, but that is how I saw it with my own eyes. Being afraid of going outside was for example, in case of a hungry sabre-toothed tiger that was on patrol in front of the cave a good thing. All those people who feared going outside survived, while all those fearless people didn’t. You can ask yourself which type of man your great great great … great grandfather was. Over the years, the streets in front of your homes where getting saver and saver, but a healthy connection to your fears can still be quite a good thing, even in the 21th century. But in order to answer your question correctly, fear is and was a constant companion of mankind and will continue to stay at this position for ever.

Me: Very impressive. It makes sense to me. Fear can turn out to be something good, or bad, it always depends on the situation. But why do we fear so much in this modern world? Our lives are not really in danger anymore.

Mr. Fear: Yes, exactly. This is the point. Of course your lives are not in real danger anymore, but deep inside you people, there is still this neanderthal mindset. Of course you are just facing a small group of friendly people in your job interview, but deep inside you, the animal is still in alert. Maybe, just maybe, something will happen, and then, you will be prepared! With this kind of mindset, life is of course not easy, but most of you guys figure out a way how to deal with that.

Me: The animal inside me. You must be right. But why are we more fearful in this modern age than people in the past? Or is it just me?

Mr. Fear: No, it is not just you. But I would say, it depends on the kind of personality you have. Most of my clients live a more or less fearless life. They do not seem to bother and life doesn’t bother them. What are you expecting me to do? They do not care, I do not care. It is that easy. My life could be so easy. But then there are people like you! You are just different in the way that things are bothering you. You guys constantly think. Everything happens in your world for a reason and you will not rest until you have found out exactly why this happened to you. And this is more than an invitation for fear. Come on. You fear posting this blog post. Why? Just because of the unknown. You think about what others think about your blog, even though, you already know, that only a hand full of people will ever read this. This makes no sense! But in your world, it makes totally sense. Over the ages, people are generally speaking all the same. At least if we have a look at the last 100 years. People nowadays have just more things to be fearful about. In the past, there was no social media, no high speed internet and all those other things. If you were lucky, you would have seen more than your birthplace and the few towns around this area. But today, you are really missing out, if you haven’t been traveling the world for at least six month with only a backpack and your instagram account. Well, at least you guys seem to think and feel like this. The fear of missing out has really increased a lot in the last couple of years.

Me: Thank you for you honesty. And you are properly right. I guess, I just seem to think too much about stuff that will probably never ever actually happen outside of my imagination. One last question before ending this short interview. How do we, as human beings should tackle our fears, in order to overcome them?

Mr. Fear: To be honest, I am prepared for this question. Well, believe it or not, but this is the question I always get. Life without fears to overcome would be just sooo boring. Therefore, be happy about having your fears, because this means, you can still work on yourself. In order to really overcome your fears, you need to look straight into my eyes and actively work on overcoming them. No fear I ever created was that much of an obstacle, that no-one has ever overcame it. See it more like a challenge! It is like climbing a mountain. One step at a time. Don’t let me get into your way. My special tip is here, to not let the full fear hit your side, but rather start with a little dose. If you are suffering from stage fright for example. Don’t start with a 20000 people crowd. Start with an empty place and an empty stage. Just get on there and walk around. And you will see, it will soon gets better and better. Remember, one step at a time!

Me: Thank you very much Mr. Fear for those last words and the interview in general. It was really interesting to listen to your thoughts about the topic from your unique perspective as the head of this whole organization.

Mr. Fear: No problem! Thank you for having me! I wish you much success in overcoming your fears! Bye

Me: Bye!

Well, that was the second day of this topic week with the title FEAR.

See you next time!

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