#51 Fear – *Topic week 1* – Day 1 – Introduction

Welcome to the first “topic week”.

Having decided to change the way of blogging after my fifties blog post, this is the new way of doing it. Instead of posting once a day about a topic, somehow related to the dreamactsucceed mentality, we will have so called “topic weeks” from now on. One topic for one whole week. Enough time to tackle it properly. Sounds perfect to me! Let’s go!


“muuhhahahahahahahahaha” the laugh of the devil 👹

Fear, what is fear?

Fear is …
… an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.
… an unpleasant often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger.
… an unpleasant emotion or thought that you have when you are frightened or worried by something dangerous, painful, or bad that is happening or might happen.
… a reason for alarm.

But why do I try to tell you this? You already know what fear is. If you haven’t experienced it by yourself, I am sure you have at least heard of a friend of a friend who once in his life time experienced something, that experts later on declared live on TV as a kind of fear.

The various forms of fear

For me, fear is a constant companion in life. There has not a single day passed by on which I haven’t experienced a kind of fear. Fear can have various forms. There is for example the fear of criticism. The fear of being too late (Maybe a Germans problem only). The fear of failing. The fear of not getting accepted. The fear of poverty. The fear of the loss of someone (Both in the romantic and the life threatening way). The fear of old age. The fear of missing out. The fear of ill health. The fear of dying too soon. The fear of not getting a job. The fear of losing your face. The fear of not being good enough. The fear of the unknown. The fear of talking in front of an audience. The fear of not getting accepted by others. The fear of standing in front of a camera. The fear of not tolerating certain foods. The fear of losing a job. And all the other fears that are known by man.

Maybe those are the reasons, why I push so much on this topic. But it is the only way in order to help myself.

Fear is considered to be something bad, or at least it is very often related to bad things. But of course fear can be something good as well.

“Thank god I was so afraid of flying to Paris, the plane I was about to enter crashed and all the people died.”

What a disastrous story! Fear must be a life safer!

Maybe, just maybe, I invented this horror scenario in order to give this post a little bit more “pep”. Because, please be reminded, this is supposed to be fun! But of course it wasn’t fun for those people on board the plane, but at least they do not need to handle fear in their lives anymore. I am kind of jealous.

How do we get fear

Fear can enter our lives in various forms, combinations and intensities. Some fears we are literally born into, while other fears are getting created and shaped by the society we are living in.

For some, a little bit of stage fright is actually helping them to keep their focus on the speech in front of them, while others are very close to actually considering killing themself as an option, in order to just make it stop. Being more on the afraid said of life, I just take every fear I can.

***Needs to be read with a British English accent***

“Would you like some stage fright, Sir? We have a special offer today. If you order in the next 10 minutes, you will get the fear about speaking in front of cameras as well as the fear about talking in other languages for free.”

“What an offer! I can not believe how lucky I must be. This is my day! I will take it, Sir! Thank you! But one question. Is there an option to take it right now instead of shipping it back home? You know, I hate the feeling of waiting for something and I always fear that it doesn’t get home in time.”

“We can certainly arrange this, Sir! Please take off your mantelpiece, stand still on that red cross in front of this strangely looking piece of machinery and put on the safety glasses over there. The fears are about to enter your body!”

“Wait! Does it hurt?”

“Do not be afraid, Sir! Just count to three! Together? One, two, three! And that is it! Done! So easy! It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

“Oh wow! It doesn’t hurt! You were right! Because I was afraid you would be lying to me!”

“Hahaha, Sir! You can believe me, this technology is fully developed! There is nothing to worry about!”

“Good to hear! I will get my next fear from you as well, Sir! I wish you a good day!”

Stop, stop, stop! Is this supposed to be funny? What the fuck are you doing? Fear is not induced into our bodies with the help of a strange looking piece of machinery. Fear is something we either have since the beginning of our existence, or something that we have built up carefully over time. Piece by piece, little by little. This is hard work! You do not just simply buy it in a store like you get a coffee to go!

FEAR – first try for an explanation

F air
E arnest
A ccept
R eorganize

Fear is neither good nor bad. Fear is what you make out of it. Being afraid of heights? Listening to “Afraid of Heights” from Billy Talent wasn’t enough? Well, it is your decision! Do you simply want to life with it, or do you want to change it? Fear is not pinned to your chest for ever. You are the master of you mind! You are the director of your own life. If you do not like the fears you currently have, then simply change this!


Being sick of your old fears? Try the “fear-changinator-2000”! With the aid of the latest dual triple speed twin turbo chip i9 technology the fear-changinator-2000 will exchange your fears in only a couple of seconds.

Well, in reality it most of the time takes more than a fancy brand name and a couple of seconds, but the promise is still the same. Fears can be exchanged, or to put it in another way. Fears will be exchanged. Some fears come, some fears will go and some fears will even change their importance in your life. That means, if you lose/ overcome certain fears, other fears will add to your portfolio automatically. But do not panic about this fact, because that is just necessary in order to keep you playing. Life is a game. Without ongoing processes like this, it would be way too boring, believe me!

In this first pilot project called “FEAR” we will discuss this topic in more detail during the week!

See you next time!


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