#50 Fifty days of daily blogging – Being a blogger now?

Having started this project on the 29th of June this year, I already reached the post number 50. Time is really flying these days.

Well, in order to kind of celebrate this fifthiest post, I decided to dedicate it to the topic of blogging.

Blogging, blogger, blog posts?

Words I didn’t consider to have any meaning for me in the past, I still do not feel like a blogger. This is due to two facts. The first is, that literally nobody is reading it, and the second one is, that I have the feeling, that I can not really transfer the information in an effective way to my very few readers, in order to have them gain a profit from reading it.

Why is this the case?

This comes due to the fact, that constantly changing between topics lets us start nearly from scratch every time.

The solution? Instead of changing from one topic to the other, I decided to make intensity courses. Starting from tomorrow, the project “topic weeks” will be initiated.

Topic weeks

A topic week is something I know from TV channels. They dedicate one week to a certain topic and nearly everything they are showing us is related to this topic. We will use this kind of strategy as well and start thinking in weeks instead of days. Due to this step, I hope we can get more into the details and I have the chance to really express what I want to say.

Fun facts about posting daily

  • The “act of posting” doesn’t feel scary anymore. At the beginning I was close to dying every time I even thought about pushing the publication button. These days, publishing something is like putting on my shoes. I let my mother do it for me 🙂
  • Time it takes to write something. At the beginning, a blog post was actually planned. I had a mind map chart, would make some notes and really kind of make it the professional way. Over time, this changed dramatically. Where a physical plan was made at the beginning, these days some 20 seconds of thinking are enough, where a complex proofreading process was engaged, these days I figure out if something is just bad right in the moment when I write it.
  • A good training. Everything your are doing is a kind of training. Writing daily in the English language for the last fifty days, is of course helping me not only to get better in English, but also helps me to become a better author. Having the goal to write quite some books in my life, this experience is helping me more than anything else I could do in my current position.
  • Your thinking process improves a lot. While complaining about not really getting to the point I want to state out with my blog, I also improved on this already.
  • The lack of feedback. Going back those fifty days, I would have answered the question on “will I get feedback?” with a “yes, of course! But I am afraid of the negative feedback” Well, being fifty days older/ wiser now, I figured out, that this fear was totally unnecessary. Because there is absolutely no feedback at all.

It is quite interesting how you transform over time. Having started this modern thing called “posting” fifty days ago, I had no clue what I was doing. Well, I still have no clue, but at least I know, that it will get me somewhere closer to my goals.

See you next time!

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