#65 Save our world – *Topic week 3* – My thoughts on “Fridays for future”

Sailing to America to show the world how environmentally friendly you can be? What an awesome idea!

Protesting every Friday and do not go to school? What an awesome idea!

Saving our world? The plants, the animals and everything else? What an awesome idea!

This new generation of people is simply put amazing! They care for the climate! They are doing something! They are not just watching!

But what about me? I wouldn’t consider myself as being old, but young isn’t the right word neither. At least, if I compare my own mindset with the “Friday for future” generation. Of course we need to change something! That should be clear to everyone by now! But the big question is:


Taking a sailing boat to America? Good idea! I mean as long as you do not tell someone.

If we do not talk about all those facts, that were going through the media about who is flying where and who is taking the boat back and all that stuff, I want to state out another point.

Just take me. I am standing here in front of my computer and write about her journey to New York. My Mac needs energy, my room light consumes energy and even I need energy in order to think this topic through. Adding other people into the equation, there is quite an energy consumption…

And of course it doesn’t stop here. There are servers needed, camera equipment and all those other things.

Looking at the journey from that point of view, traveling my boat wasn’t really environment friendly at all, but anyway.

I see where this is going! The calculation they did, wasn’t quite right! But do you know what? We don’t care! She has the media attraction! She can change something!

Well. to be honest, that is correct! But I do not see “them”, and I use this word on purpose, offering ideas for how to actually change something!

I personally do not know Greta Thunberg, nor all those other people that invest their valuable time in this project! And I do not want to say something negatively about them, because deep inside me, I support their general idea! But the way they are presenting it, is just not the right way in my mind!

Of course you can take a sailing boat to New York! Do not travel by plane, car, or anything else besides “supposed to be green energy driven systems for transportation I can not name at the moment”.

Yes, we need to change something! But just saying that, doesn’t make it any better and help our fantastic planet!

As really bad leaders quote in the business world daily: “I do not want to hear problems, I want to hear solutions!”

Normally, they are just ignorant, old and counting their days until retirement, but right in this situation, they might be actually right.

Exciting times are waiting for us! Never ever in history were the development cycles for new technologies that short. Therefore, I see the potential for a better, or let’s go with the trend, a greener world. The questions are just:

What are the solutions? Where are the solutions? What are the problems we will face in the next couple of years? Where is this all leading to? How can we change the system? How can we change our behavior in order to make this world a better place?

In this week, we will talk about this.

Let’s save our world!

See you next time!

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