#64 Writing a blog that no one reads

“In order to write good things, you need to write a lot of bad things first!”

I can not remember where I picked that up, but it is true. If you just write and write and write. Some day or another there just needs to get something good out of the equation. Or otherwise, you are really fucked!

Back at school I hated the subject German. Why? Because it is so boring, annoying and complicated! With all those rules, fancy latin words and those poems from old and long died men. Where should this lead our generation to?

Today, my thoughts about this haven’t changed, even though I am on my way to become a writer.

Having realized, that writing opens up a completely new and fantastic world, where you can be whoever you want to be! And you can do, what ever you want to do, I wanted to dive into this world so badly.

So, what have I done? Right! I started writing. True story. I have written some awesome short stories! Well, they weren’t supposed to become short stories in the first place, but I simply haven’t found the time for continuing them. And so the forty year old car guy millionaire is leaving his mansion in the middle of the night, drives up and down a wonderful alpine pass until the story ends rather quickly at the next fuel station. What a story! Or what about the mother of two kids that has a secret life as an agent? Well, it ends on page 3 after checking her fancy surveillance systems in a hidden room in the first floor.

I guess, this is supposed to be that way. This was like six to two years ago. After that, things changed a little bit. Being really determined to change my life some years back, one of the goals I set for this life was the “becoming a writer” thing.

Sitting down with my goals list on the computer, I invited the “writer mentality” into my life. So, what have I done? Right! I started to write a book! Because this is what writes do! Right? They write books!

Well, after quite some time and we are speaking about a couple of month into the project, I realized, that this is not really efficient! I invest quite some time, write down what I think is helping/ entertaining others, but I will not figure this out until I will finish this project, if I finish the project in 3 to (insert a number between 4 and 99) years. Well, I wouldn’t say that I stopped writing somehow in between, but it was more like a weekly revisit with adding some pages here and there.

Yeah, and then I decided to start this blogging thing. Writing daily? Are you mad? Well, 64 days later into the project of writing daily, I say it is one of the best decisions I ever made until this day in order to get moving forward.

“In order to write good things, you need to write a lot of bad things first!”

I am so sorry, that you need to read all these bad things here on my blog. Going trough the data, it must be really rough! I mean, I do not have readers, traffic or what ever. But luckily that is not on my goals list, therefore I will just continue with this, either way!

But hey! Maybe this statement above is right and I will improve over time.

This is my journey! And if I remember it correctly, I mentioned in my very first post, that this will be not that bullshit talk others do all the time! I want you to show you the real world consequences! Life as it is!

You can not imagine how frustrated you can get, if you really put some effort in doing something, for example in writing this fucking blog, and nobody is reading it! Not a single person! Luckily, I can use this potentially destructive flow “bad energy” and convert it into motivation that keeps me going. But how fucking annoying is this? How many people do we have on this planet? Some bad tongues would say too many. But out of this million over million of people! Nobody is reading this! In the past, people always gave me the advice, to be careful about what to put in this relatively new world of technology called “Internet”. Well, I guess they were all wrong, because it seems like nobody cares about you and what you have to say.

I will go on with this and post every single day about my journey to success! Even though nobody seems to have an interest in it. But I simply don’t care! Because at the end of the day, life is too short to care about the others. If you want to follow your dreams, just follow them! The people you will need in order to get what you want, will automatically attracted by your mind. So, don’t worry about “the others”.

Just live the life you want to live!

See you next time!

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