#183 Half a year of daily blogging

“What the fuck have I just done?”

This was the first thought that came to my mind, after posting my first blog post on my website precisely half a year back in time.

Are you mentally ill? Why? Isn’t there enough happening in your life already? Are you so bored? Really!? What is wrong with you, dude?

And this is, how my thought continued.

Ready for the running gag?

“How is this blog thing working from now on?”

Being a normal human being just like you are, my days are pretty packed. Therefore I can not and will not implement a regular posting date into my schedule. I will write something whenever I will plan for doing so. Having never actually written a blog post, I will try certain kind of blog styles to figure out the best way to give you the information you need, without getting my time schedule over the limit.

#1 What is this all about? – an Introduction, dreamactsucceed.blog

Yeah, for sure! A normal human being!? HAHAHAHAHA! What is wrong with you?! You are obviously not normal!

What can I say? After 183 blog posts, 120000 words and around 353 hours spent on the project, this was the best decision I have taken so far in my life. You can not imagine how effective this really is! You have absolutely no clue! It was always my dream to become a book author, a writer. But how? And when? I started a book, stopped doing it. I started another book, stopped it again. I was even working on something for a couple of month, but no, it wasn’t either particularly good, nor was the learning curve very high. I just had an awesome time, but that was it. Well, until this idea came up.

How long have I considered doing it? Starting my own blog.

To be honest, not very long. An hour? Two hours? But was it worth doing it? Hell yeah! How many stars would I give the idea? Five out of five! I had no clue about doing this, or let’s rather say, I still have no clue. Do I care about that? No! Not at all! I just do what I like. If you don’t like it, well, first of all you need to read it anyways, right? Do you? 120000 words in half a year? Not really. So, nothing to bother me!

Speaking about that? What has changed since the post #64 Writing a blog that no one reads?

Well, at least we can exchange the nobody with a few. And that is everything I wanted, right? To be honest, I am doing this for me. This is my way of giving something back. If people don’t want to read it, sure, don’t read it! I am even not so sure, if I would read it, haven’t I changed my life so dramatically in the last couple of years. But to be honest, after investing that much time in gathering my thoughts and sharing my insights with the world, it is a great feeling if you get feedback from some of your readers. My blog is like my life, diversified. From entrepreneurship, to motorsport, to life lessons, from how to reach goals, to the perfect meditation practice. This blog is about everything I am interested in.

Is the daily blog life how you expected it to be?

Mhh, I wasn’t planning on doing this, so, I expected literally nothing. But actually, it is quite a good exercise. You develop a certain skill for how to gather your thoughts and focus on one particular topic at a time. The best way to learn, is to teach others. And this is so true! Really! This blog is like an extension of my brain. I consider a topic, get the right information, think it through, write it down. And now, I can basically travel back in time, reading my own stuff online, if I want to. That’s the coolest thing ever! Believe me!

Will you continue to write daily?

And the answer is, hell yeah! Especially the daily posting thing makes the project so interesting. Writing something when ever you feel like doing it? Everyone can do that! But writing daily? That’s on another level. That’s commitment! Right here, right there! Sure, for normal people even this would be a challenge already, not for me, thank god!

Have your writing skills improved?

What do you think? I am doing this every single day. Of course you improve. Compared to the beginning, I reduced the time for writing a single post to under 2 hours in average. At the beginning, it took me years. Can you believe it, I was working with Mindmaps, and other tools. What a fancy way! Today, I do not even need to prepare myself. In the category “20 minutes writing challenge” I write a post in twenty minutes. The best idea ever! But honestly. This makes so much fun! I just love it! And there are days like this, where I can not stop. This is the third post in a row. Of course they are not finished yet, but at least up to 90 % ready to go public. Which will lead to the next question.

Do you write blog posts in ahead of time, or really on the day?

At the beginning, I have done that. Writing the blog post I will publish on that same day. But after a while, I improved upon the situation. In phase two, I was writing one blog a head. Meaning, I write tomorrows blog post today. This was very effective, because it reduced the pressure I felt, sometimes your day is just very packed and you don’t have much time for writing. In phase three, where I am currently in, I am using another strategy. On Monday, I will schedule the week, deciding on which category I want to write about. Due to the fact, that the project “The road to success” was due every Saturday, there were only six posts a week I needed to consider. After that, I will just write the posts starting from Tuesday until Monday next week, with a huge time invest on Monday, reducing that over the other days. So, basically I write every day, but not from scratch. Being at university for the last three month, I finished the drafts for all posts by the end of Tuesday or Wednesday, completing the blog posts on the other days, whenever I feel like doing it and then reading through the blog post before publishing for like half an hour, looking for mistakes, making little changes, sometimes even greater ones. Why do I do that? I realized, that on some days, I just feel like writing it that particular way, but on the next day, I don’t like it at all. So, the stuff I publish these days are actually checked over and over again, to get them close to perfection. But sure, sometimes I just feel like writing something and publish it on the same day. I am my own boss, so I do what ever I want.

Where is this blog thing going?

Well, while I will make some small changes in certain categories, like moving the “The road to success” post to the Monday for next year, I will work on my projects just as usual. As you would probably know by reading my blog, but of course most of you don’t, I want to establish a small side project, where I will make the “Project W (Double you)” become a reality, working with people in a one-on-one situations, where I will support you with your unique problems and challenges in life, showing you how you can improve your situation and act upon your dreams.

Visitors from all over the world

Facts, facts, facts

  • 592 visitors from 31 different countries
  • 120000 words
  • 183 blog posts
  • 353 hours
  • 50 follower
  • 3176 website clicks

Top three blog posts (clicks)

  1. #144 ONE HOUR SPECIAL EDITION – “20 minutes writing challenge – The drive – A short story
  2. # 1 What is this all about? – an Introduction
  3. #5 The book that changed my life

Final words

Thank you so much for reading my blog and giving me feedback! Without that, I can not possible improve the project in the way, I want this thing to grow! Feel free to share my posts, let me know what you think, or where I should improve! I really want to hear your opinion!

Thank you all so much!

See you next time!

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