#144 ONE HOUR SPECIAL EDITION – 20 minutes writing challenge #10 – The drive – A short story

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Welcome to the ONE HOUR SPECIAL EDITION of the 20 minutes writing challenge. Basically it works like all the other challenges, only with the slight difference, that I had an hour instead of the regular 20 minutes. Therefore, just listen to the song and read the short story.

The drive – A short story

The dimmed light of the underground car park is getting reflected in the grey coating just above the rear left fenders of the Tesla Model S fleet he is walking by. The white painted floor and walls, in combination with the electric cables that are hanging from the ceiling over every parking spot transform the place into something very hospital alike. “Just that corner!”, he says to himself and walks up to the far left side of the gigantic room. Right behind a blue VW ID3 he moves to the right and glares into a dark spot that is neither illuminated, nor painted in white. Fearless, he enters the dark hallway in front of him and reaches for an old light switch on one of the pillars. Slowly, the light starts to wake up from its winter sleep and illuminates the little cave with a very odd looking orange light. Determined, he walks up to the right and reaches out for a blanket that is covering something from the dust, that has build up over the last year. Carefully, but well practiced he pulls at the cover and releases the thing that was hidden underneath.

The machine he is standing in front of is a black Porsche Panamera from the first generation. He pulls out the key from his right pocket and opens the car in an instant. After disengaging the small electric cable that prevents the battery of the car from dying during the large break, he is winding up the cable and storing it carefully in the trunk. Closing the rear lid electrically, he walks up to the left side of the car and opens the door with a swing. The bag he was carrying all the time gets carefully placed in the footwell of the passenger seat, before he fastens his seatbelt. After inserting the key with his left hand and turning it around, the motor starts up rather enthusiasticly, as you would expect it from an old V8 4.8 liter engine. “One hell of a noisy and aggressive sound! But really not that neighborhood friendly!”, he thinks and adds “especially for that time!”.

It is just five minutes before twelve. After storing his phone in the little compartment underneath the central armrest and enjoying the smell of the black leather for a moment, which he had missed all year around, he engages the reverse gear and backs out of the small and dusty parking lot. The gearbox, which is a very old fashioned manual transmission, still feels a little bit odd for the first few moments, but he is getting used to it again, he always gets used to it every year. The car, which cruises slowly towards the exit now, neither looks particularly shiny nor is it in a very bad condition. It is just the fact that it stands too much, but technically, the car is working just fine.

Nervously he has another glimpse at the clock that is neatly implemented into the dashboard. “Just four minutes left.” Arriving at the exit of the car park precisely one minute later, he reaches for his bag, opens the zipper and gets his old driver gloves from a side pocket. The gloves, which were made from real leather match the interior color perfectly. After putting them on, he pushes the “sport+” button on the center console and makes sure that the exhaust button is activated.

“Three minutes left”, a very loud siren starts to roar in the distance, while he is waking up the radio system of the car by a pushing a real button. Seconds later, a woman’s voice can be heard talking through the burmester sound system.

“This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual “drive”, sanctioned by the German Road legislation. Cars of class 4 and lower with no or part autonomous systems have been authorized for use during the “drive”. Commencing at the siren, any and all speed limits outside of towns and villages will be suspended for 24 continues hours. Police, fire, ADAC and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow at midnight, when the driving day concludes. Blessed be our “drive”. May God be with you all.”

https://theactionelite.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/img_3465-1.jpg 20.11.2019 8:03

As the last siren roar starts to fade away, he presses the clutch with his left foot, engages the first gear and makes sure his gloves are sitting tight. He is counting backwards “Three, two, one!” The clock turns twelve. He grabs the neat looking steering wheel, checks his mirrors and let the clutch come rather aggressively while the tires scream for traction as the car launches towards the cold night…

The alarm clock is ringing. “What a strange dream, really!” I stretch myself, get out of bed and walk towards the bathroom. “Autsch! What was that?” I must have fallen over my bag that is standing right in the way. I switch on the light and have a look back at the thing on the ground. Some fancy leather gloves fell half out of the side pocket of the bag. In panic I run towards the window and look outside! “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” In the early morning light, I see an auto-piloted Tesla driving up the road. In panic I reach for my phone. “Which year is it? Which year?! Oh god! Oh god! Oh thank god! I am still living in 2019. It is not too late!” I call my friends. “We need to do something against that nonsense! We need to stop this!”

The alarm clock is ringing. “What a strange dream, really!” I stop the song that is getting played in a loop for the whole time. I wonder. If this would really become a reality. Would I start with a Panamera into that special night?

To be continued…

See you next time!

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