#145 Racing is life – Season 2 Episode 7 – Porsches are expensive

Since the day my interest for Porsches grew exponentially, I am counting the days until I will finally have my first Porsche. Why do I like them so much? Actually, it is hard to explain to someone who has never ever actually driven one. It is just the experience you have, the smell, the haptic, the way it drives. But the one thing that is really annoying about that love, this is the price…

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I mean, don’t get me wrong with that! Sure, Porsches are expensive! That’s just a fact and everybody knows that! But the way the prices are changing these days, or lets rather say, do not change, is just something hard to deal with. Sure, some models are actually quite expensive in the first place, or have a very limited amount of cars, like the 911. But still, the way the prices are stagnating in the last couple of years is just so frustrating. Back in 2014, a 911 997.2 cost nearly the same as it cost today.

But how is that possible? Of course, we all know the answer for that. People have stormed the market with just one goal in mind, making money. Therefore, a car is no longer a vehicle to drive, but rather an investment with large revenues. And people like me, the car nuts that want to drive them, they need to pay way too much. Well, is that fair? It doesn’t matter, right? Ones you decided to get a Porsche, that’s just the thing you need to deal with. Yeah! That is right! But still, very annoying. I mean, prices went up in the whole market. Even “normal” cars have outrages prices these days. Who can actually afford to buy a new car anymore? Everything has changed.

So why should you buy a 911 991.1 from 2011 for 70 thousand euros, if you can have a Panamera from the same year with the same mileage on the clock for just 40 thousand? Well, if you want to have a Panamera anyways, good for you. But for all the others, maybe consider to get a Panamera, then?

Actually I kind of like the generation one Panamera (970), therefore, I am pretty much considering to buy one as a more family oriented car in my future fleet. Sure, it is not a 911 and sure, it weighs more than two tones, but hey, actually it has still a very good driving behavior and acceptable cornering abilities, oh and don’t forget the price tag, because they are “quite affordable” in comparison to a 911. But of course not to other cars on the market.

What can be considered an entry level Porsche these days?

Sure, the Cayman and Boxter come to mind rather quickly, right? These cars start with a moderate price tag and get very close to the 20 thousand barrier, right? Not anymore, I mean, sure, for the 986 Boxster you can get a car for less than that, but it’s a pretty old car you get.

What about the 987. Here, prices were never actually going down so much. Especially the Cayman’s with low miles are still way over the 20 thousand, even 30 thousand line for 987.2. And the 981? Don’t even think about them. Born as the last generation with a natural espirated engine, they are still in the forty and fifty thousand range and have no ambition, to go below that. Well, and then there are some SUV’s, right? I mean, if you like them, you can consider a Macan for around 45 thousand these days.

So which car should you buy? Well, that is a tricky question. Right now, I wouldn’t buy a car anyways because I am studying full time, so maybe we should talk about this in a couple of years, when the prices are either on a completely different level, or I have a regular income stream from a real job again. But until that, I guess, it will stay a dream.

Some tips for buying a Porsche

  • If you have no clue about cars, get some help! Ask someone who knows stuff.
  • Wait until the new model has established itself on the market, this will reduce the prices of the old models after a certain time
  • Buy your car from a trustworthy car dealer, or a private person that has knowledge and a passion for those cars. (Probably old men, and not 30 years something poser :))
  • In late autumn / early winter you are in the best position to reduce the price significantly.
  • You need to hackle
  • Read some books about the car, to be able to know exactly where you need to be careful with.

To be continued…

See you next time!

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