#146 Language learning – Season 2 Episode 3 – An Update

Since the last episode, it felt much easier for me to actually work on my Italian skills. I mean, I can not set a real focus on it right now, because there are some other deadlines coming up in my schedule these days, but it is still a great way to switch off for a couple of minutes here and there.

Can I follow the plan I have set for myself?

Yes, actually I can. I watch a lot of YouTube videos in Italian, where, to be honest, I do not understand very much. But it already started to happen here and there, that I have understood a word or a phrase. So, I guess, this is not the fastest way to reach my goal, but it is at least letting me work on it continuously. And that’s what really matters, right? I don’t just go over tones of words and trying to learn some, but I rather focus on a few words, but really absorb them and find the best connection possible.

A book for beginners 🙂

Will I change something?

Actually I was considering going back from the daily practice session, to a more weekly based kind of schedule, because there were some days, where it doesn’t felt like a tone of fun to do that lesson very late in the night. Therefore I will reschedule the seven lessons a week, to a subtle 10 lessons, but with the option to do more than one on a single day.

Starting from this week, this will be the new plan I will follow in order to get more flexible in where and when I want to do my Italian practice sessions.

And this is it for today’s update! To be continued!


See you next time!

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