#184 The road to success – Half year statistic 2019 – Practice what you preach

This is the first half year statistic I will publish on my blog. As the title already suggests, this is all about my last half year. Similar to the way I show you every single week of my “road to success“, this has the same kind of layout and will give you an overview about what I have done.

In the 21th century, people are used to always look for the shortcuts, the so called “life hacks“. But in reality there is not such a thing. If you want to reach your goals in life, there is only one way how you can get there, and this is by taking action and finally do something. If we are really good at something, it is in finding excuses. Instead of giving everything we have, we hide between huge obstacles that are standing in our way.

“I can not possibly do so much! I have a family, or a dog, or a job, or what ever it is you will come up with after reading trough this blog post.”

But do you know what? Nobody cares about you! I don’t care, your neighbors don’t care, not even your relatives care. This is your life, your time, do what ever you want to do with it. But don’t tell me that you can’t! Because you can, you just don’t want to! You decided otherwise. You took another path. That is the wonderful thing about life. There is no right or wrong. There is just you and what you want to do. Every single day you get up and do something with the time you have. Can you waste the time? No, how could you? There is nothing for you to do! You decide on what you want to do. It is totally up to you! Do I want you to do more? No! I just want to show you that you could! Isn’t that what we call freedom? Just to know that you could, even though you are not doing it?

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Henry Ford
What I have done in the last half year

Oh god, I sleep so much. Why do we need to sleep? This is a total waste of time, isn’t it?

I spent 28 % of my time in bed and 6 % with eating and cooking. Thank god I worked more then I ate, otherwise I had no clue how to justify that.


It seems like the University is killing of my free time.

Wow, that’s a good balance between University, Racing, Blog, Family & Friends, Sport and Formula Student.

And here we go one more time. Not that bad, right?

Reflect to Improve

What did I learn this last half year?

  • You can achieve everything in life, if you believe you can!
  • Working on your goals makes so much fun!

Have I achieved everything I wanted to achieve?

  • Yes, it was even way over my expectations. This blog project just went through the roof. I had no clue how much fun this would make. I guess, I need to start to deal with the fact, that I am an official blogger now.
  • In my other projects, I reached my goals and was working continuously on the tasks at hand. Remember? One step at a time! This is how this method looks like form the distance. One tiny step a day, not that hard to do. But put them all together and you can see what a potential you have to grow and improve.

Top three goals for the next half year!

  • Enjoy my life more
  • Ramp up the Project W (double you) program
  • Read more

See you next time!

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