#185 Good bye 2019, hello 2020 – Ready for some changes? – How to do New Years resolutions in the correct way

As the tradition demands, people start into the new year with great expectations. The so called “New Years resolutions!” People want to turn their life up-side-down, changing it into something better. Well, I mean, I see the point in all of this, but people do not really endure their new challenges in life, right? They quit! Sooner or later! Or sometimes, do not even start at all. As I have mentioned in #174 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E5 – Motivation comes from within

As the year 2019 comes to an end, this process can be seen in the next couple of weeks and month, when the New Years motivation to change our life’s slowly fades away underneath the day to day business.
Well, while this is a success story for a lot of different industries, we as the individual behind the story suffer from this harder than others would even dream about. Nothing is harder than stopping something you told everyone you would do, right? Loosing your face? Not that pleasant!

#174 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – S2 E5 – Motivation comes from within

But today shouldn’t be about that, right? I should inspire you to change your life, reach for the stars and start living your dream. I should tell you, that the world is yours! That you can achieve everything you want! That you are the one in control! That you can really change your life! I shouldn’t confront you with the hard and cold world outside your comfort zone. That wild and nasty place that want to chase you down, bring you back to the ground of reality. One day or another, it will reach you! Grab you by the ankle and throw you to the ground. This world out there is not a friendly place for the weak! This is the Wild West! The surviving of the fittest. Are you strong enough? Do you have the will power to endure? To give everything? Every single day? Can you deal with the critics? Can you ignore the naysayers? Can you rule over yourself? Can you ignore the strong feelings to stop?

As each and every chapter in the book “The law of success” by “Napoleon Hill” begins.

You can do it if you believe you can

Quote from “The law of success” by Napoleon Hill

It all starts with yourself, right? We have discussed that multiple times in this blog already. For example in the #166 Project W (double you) – S2 E1 – Start with yourself! post. But we are still struggling. We doubt our own abilities. We feel insecure. We have no clue how to actually start off this thing we really want to do. So what do we do? We dream about a better future, but start acting upon it only half heartedly. We do not want to go all in. There needs to be a safety line bound around your body, the possibility to step back, to get back into our old life, back into our comfort zone. But what does that mean?

This means that it will be much, much harder for you to actually reach your goals, because you are not fully committed. We have all heard about those fancy stories in history class, where commanders of military missions have ordered their men to destroy their boots after landing at an opponents island, in order to remove their “going back option” in their head, and getting their full commitment for the mission ahead. To burn one’s own boats for the sake of removing your options to go back into your old life. This is a very drastically, hard and risky step to take! I know! But it works! At least in the history classroom. Or is that just a matter of the fact, that the people who haven’t succeeded with that strategy were lost in battle and died soon after their most stupid idea in life, leaving no option to write down a warning for generations to come? Mhh, I guess, it is up to us if we believe in it, or not!

Do you really believe in what you are trying to achieve? Do you see the higher goal at the end of your suffering, or does your motivation come from the outside? I don’t care about which day is today. Changing ones life is not a matter of starting at the right time, it’s about the pushing through part after that. But that’s not the topic for today. Statistically, most of you are willing to change their lives today. So, I need to support you right now, before it is too late for you and you will do the same mistake again, as we have all done so many times in our lives already.

Please, don’t just start doing something, of course that is better then doing nothing, but it will most of the time do not work. Get back into your head, and really think it through!

How to do the New Years resolution properly!

  1. What do you want to change?
  2. Why do you want to change it?
  3. What is the benefit for you after changing it?
  4. Is it really your end goal, or what will be the next goal after that?
  5. Imagine you would have reached that goal, what comes next?
  6. Write down the real goals you have, not the goals you had in mind at first.
  7. Break your goals down into little pieces. (As tiny as you can get them!)
  8. Get them into the right sequence. What will be the first step, the second step, and so on.
  9. Document what you want to achieve, when and why. What will you do to achieve it and how will you keep track of your progress?
  10. Start in a healthy way! Don’t overdue it! There is nothing won by overdoing it in the first week and needing a week off for recuperation afterwards.

You can do it if you believe you can!

If you are interested in a more personalized support for your projects, get in contact with me and we can figure something out.

See you next time!

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