#166 Project W (double you) – S2 E1 – Start with yourself!

Dream – Act – Succeed

Welcome to the second loop of Project W (double you)

Where to start?

A typical chicken and egg problem. But what was there first? The chicken or the egg? This is the same thing we are dealing with today. What is the first thing we need to focus on? What is the first thing to do?

In my second post from the first series, which has the title #85 Money, Drugs & Traveling, we can already see some of the early beginner things you need to understand.

  • Your life is what you make out if it!
  • It is always your decision!
  • You are responsible for this mess!
  • You are the one to blame!
  • Every destructive thought, a waste of time!
  • Every self limiting word, the killer of your future!
  • Every plan you do not complete, a chance you did not take!
  • Life is all about you!
  • If you do not like what you are currently doing, then change it!
  • In order to change your life, you need to start with your mindset.
  • [Your brain] can set free an infinite amount of energy!
  • “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” –> “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you decide why!”
  • “Everything happens for a reason.” –> Everything happens because of you!
  • They all decided somehow on their journey where they want to go and then went there.
  • Your current life is exactly the life you wanted to have.
  • Your life so far is just the result of your doing!
  • Project W (double you) will double your potential, your success, your life quality.
  • Your life is your life. Nobody else can change it, you need to to this!
  • The change needs to come from within.

But where do we start?

We start with you!

You are the main character of this life. You are playing the main part! Congratulations! In case you didn’t know that! But do you know what? We have a small issue over here. The director canceled last minute, so you need to do this job as well, ok? Oh, and everyone else canceled their jobs as well. It looks like this will be a one-man or one-woman show.

You are holding the strings of your future in your own hands. Every decision you make, every step you take, you are changing the whole system. It is you, not your boss, not your parents, not your wife or husband. It is you! To 100%! Do you understand that?

You are responsible for everything that happens to you and your life. You lost your job? Your fault! The car accident? Your fault! The mistake your employee made? Your fault! The illness you have? Your fault! You can not speak 3 languages fluently? Your fault! You can not program? Your fault! You are not rich? Your fault! Everything that has happened, happens or will happen to you is your fault! Because you took the decisions that led you to this very moment!

If you are responsible for everything, you can change everything! The only thing that stands between you and the things you want to achieve is you!

People love excuses. We always find something that isn’t in our control. Maybe it is the weather, or “bad luck”, or just a mistake by someone else. NO! Forget that! You will not get anywhere with that mindset! There are no fucking excuses! It is just your fault! You just did that! You relaxed instead of working on your skills. You wanted to study mechanical engineering. You decided to get into this plane. You bought the car. And so on and so on. Do you get it? You are just the outcome of your actions! Your life is just the result of your doings. Everything that is in your life, no matter if it is good or bad in nature is just there because of you! You wanted it to be a part of your life! You invited it into your home! You are the center of the universe! Everything turns around you. Do you understand that?

You want to change your life? Then start with yourself!

What can you do today, that will lead you closer to your goals? You need to forget everything you have picked up about life in the past. Forget that nonsense! Don’t live the life of someone else! Live you own life! Do what you want to do! Life is too short for doing the things, everybody is doing!

Sit down, or lay down, or chose what ever position you want to and just be there, right in the moment. Close your eyes. This life you have, how does it look like. What do you like? What do you don’t like? Why are you doing what you do? I do not know how close you two are, your mind and your body. But you need to start talking to each other. You need to get to know each other. Form a team and act as one.

“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself.”

Publius Syrus

In the next Episode, we will focus on that.

See you next time!

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